Kim Soo-yeon, in movie "Star" with Hwanhee

New face Kim Soo-yeon (22) is making her screen debut.


It's a movie about boys and girls with the common denominator of music.

Kim Soo-yeon will take on the role of designer Ah-ra who is loved by the greatest Hallyu star Romi (Hwanhee, 29). She follows music to America from her lonely life and finds real love.

The director Han Sang-hee created "Project X" with Cha Seung-won, and "Virgin Snow" with Lee Joon-gi and Japanese actor Miyazaki Aoi. Due to be released in Korea and Japan at the same time, this movie was taken mostly at Ishigaki, the southernmost of Japan.

"Star" cranks in on the 10th with Kim Soo-yeon, Hwanhee, Choo So-young and other main casts.