Kim Sung-gyu Considers "One Day - Drama"

Actor Kim Sung-gyu is considering the drama "One Day - Drama", according to Saram Entertainment.


"One Day - Drama" is a drama that explores the criminal justice system from an extremely public perspective on the fierce story of two men surrounding a woman's murder. It is due to premiere at the end of November.

The drama is based on England BBC's "Criminal Justice" and this is the third remake following America and India.

"One Day - Drama" is also looked forward to very much as it's a collaboration between writer Kwon Soon-gyoo and director Lee Myeong-woo from "The Fiery Priest".

Kim Sung-gyu has made strong impressions in works like "Kingdom", "Kingdom - Season 2" and "A Piece of Your Mind". Kim Sung-gyu will return to screens with the film "Hansan".