Kim Sung-hee in "A Second Husband"

Actress Kim Sung-hee is starring in the MBC drama "A Second Husband".

She has been cast as the biological mother of Yoon Jae-kyeong (Seo Eun-woo), the illegitimate child of the chairman of a confectionary company. She is expected to enrage viewers with the character coming from the background of a 'middle-aged con-artist and former room salon madam'.

The new MBC daily drama "A Second Husband" is a passionate romance drama in which a woman who unjustly loses her family due to a tragedy caused by unstoppable desire, starts revenge in mixed fate and love starring Uhm Hyun-kyung, Cha Seo-won, Seo Eun-woo, and Han Ki-woong.

Kim Sung-hee debuted in 1991 through KBS and starred in numerous dramas such as "A Woman's Time", "LA Arirang", "Adults Don't Know", "Soonpoong Clinic", "Light for the Youth" and more.

Kim Sung-hee signed in with a new agency called J-One Entertainment which is home to actors Ha Seung-ri, Kim Gyu-wan and singers Lee Jenna and Im Ye-ji.