Kim Tae-hee imitates Couples

Kim Tae-hee posted pictures of herself parodying the TV program Couples on the 17th. She took an awkward picture of herself and Han Seung-yeon then another one of Lee Sang-yup in the back.


Kim Tae-hee is glaring at Han Seung-yeon in the picture. Lee Sang-yeob is standing behind them with his hands gathered in front.

Kim Tae-hee added a subtitle saying, "The 1st girl isn't too happy with Choi who's a newbie here".

Netizens say, "This is so witty", "She's so funny", "If this was real it would be awesome" and more.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-hee is starring as Jang Ok-jeong in the SBS drama "Jang Ok-jeong".