Kim Tae-hee, Lee Na-young and Kim Hee-sun to Come Back With Dramas

Kim Tae-hee, Lee Na-young, and Kim Hee-sun captured the early 2000s with their beauty.


Those who used the modifier 'beautiful actresses representing Korea' will return to the small screen one after another.

First of all, Kim Tae-hee, who is still in the top tier of beautiful actresses, will make a comeback through Genie TV's original drama "Lies Hidden in My Garden". Kim Tae-hee, who had a break since "Hi Bye, Mama!" in 2020, is making a comeback in three years, drawing keen attention from officials.

"Lies Hidden in My Garden", which will be released on the 19th of next month, is a suspense thriller based on a best-selling novel of the same name, where two women who lived completely different lives meet due to the suspicious smell of the backyard. "Lies Hidden in My Garden", which stimulates curiosity with a single line of mystery that says, "The backyard smells like a dead body", is attracting attention as a new work by 'hitmaker' director Jung Ji-hyun, who was recognized for his sensuous directing skills with "Search: WWW" and "Twenty Five Twenty One".

In the drama, Kim Tae-hee is expected to play the role of Joo-ran, who lives a picturesque daily life in a perfect house and is confused by the smell of corpses in the yard, and create another hit with a strong acting transformation. It is her first suspense thriller genre, so fans' expectations are high.

Lee Na-young will make a comeback with the wavve original drama "One Day Off". "One Day Off" is a cheerful wandering period depicting the unexpected moments and miraculous encounters of Korean teacher Park Ha-kyung, who goes on a one-day trip on Saturday when she wants to disappear.

Lee Na-young, who returns nine years after "The Fugitive Plan B" and "Romance is a Bonus Book" in 2019, is showing her new work again in four years. "One Day Off" advocates a healing drama. Lee Na-young herself also explains, "It is a drama where you can visually see small emotions and feelings in your daily life through travel".

In addition, actors such as Koo Kyo-hwan, Kil Hae-yeon, Park Se-wan, Park In-hwan, Seo Hyun-woo, sunwoojunga, Shim Eun-kyung, Cho Hyun-chul, and Han Ye-ri will make special appearances on each episode to show off their 'chemistry' with Lee Na-young. In addition, the beautiful nature of Haenam, Gunsan, Busan, Sokcho, Daejeon, Seoul, Gyeongju, and Jeju are also attractive.

Kim Hee-sun also decided to make a comeback. Kim Hee-sun, who continued her reputation as a prolific actor last year with two works, MBC's "Tomorrow" and Netflix's "Remarriage and Desires" is planning to show a new work called "Our House" again this year. "Our House", which is being filmed with the aim of airing in the second half of this year, is a story about a woman who faces a family-threatening incident and tries to protect her family in cooperation with her mother-in-law. Kim Hee-sun plays the role of No Yeong-won, a successful psychological counselor, and Our House plays the role of No Yeong-won's mother-in-law and Hong Sa-gang, a tough and sensitive mystery writer.

It is directed by Kim Seung-woo-I, who made the movie "Bring Me Home" starring Lee Young-ae, and written by Nam Ji-yeon-I, who wrote the popular web drama "So I Married The Anti-Fan".

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