Kim Woo-bin at the Premiere of "Our Season"

Kim Woo-bin's attendance at the VIP premiere of "Our Season" starring actress Shin Min-a, is a hot topic.


On the 27th, the VIP premiere of the movie "Our Season" was held at Megabox COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

"Our Season" is a healing fantasy movie about a mother, Bok-ja (Kim Hae-sook), who takes a vacation from heaven, and her daughter, Jin-joo (Shin Min-a), who runs a restaurant with her mother's recipe.

Above all, actor Kim Woo-bin, who is publicly dating Shin Min-a, attended the VIP premiere, drawing attention.

Kim Woo-bin appeared in a black long coat. He showed off his warm visuals and superior proportions in a neat and dandy fashion.

Meanwhile, Shin Min-a and Kim Woo-bin admitted to dating in July 2015 and have been dating for nine years. The two are a publicly dating couple and are also members of AM Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo-bin attended the VIP premiere of the movie "Our Season" starring Shin Min-a and showed strong love, making them a hot topic couple again.

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