Kim Woo-bin "I Want to Meet More Fans Through TV Shows and Social Media"

Actor Kim Woo-bin covered the April issue of Esquire with a luxury fashion brand.


Kim Woo-bin plans to meet with the public in various ways through Netflix film "Officer Black Belt" and new drama "All the Love You Wish For". In an interview with a photo shoot, he said, "I'm looking forward to my next movie "All the Love You Wish For" with director Lee Byeong-heon-I, writer Kim Eun-sook, and other actors that I respect very much", adding, "I play the role of a genie who makes wishes come true, and it's Ga-yeong (Bae Suzy) who takes this genie out of the lamp. It will be a cheerful romantic comedy".

Earlier, Kim Woo-bin showed his true self that he had not shown before through a tvN real farming entertainment show, "Although I appeared for a while in season 2 of "Somehow President", it was my first time to appear on a regular variety show", he said. "The images I showed on variety shows are the highest level of excitement in my life. You can think of them as the real Kim Woo-bin".

Kim Woo-bin, who has been a leading actor in various genres since his debut, decided to appear on variety shows to his fans. "I thought showing good works was the only way I could communicate with my fans, but this time I started a new variety show, and just before that, I started Instagram for the first time. I will gradually expand the channels of communication", he said, expressing his special affection for his fans.

Kim Woo-bin's pictorial can be purchased at Esquire Bookstore and can also be found on Esquire Korea's website.