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Kim Young-hoon, Chae Ye-ryun's Husband in "Happy Battle"

Actor Kim Young-hoon will join ENA's new Wednesday-Thursday drama "Happy Battle", his agency WS Entertainment said on the 23rd. The agency said, "We plan to continue our nonstop work activities until the second half of the year, so please pay a lot of attention".


"Happy Battle" is a suspense thriller about one of the mothers competing for happiness on social media dying, full of questions, and the fight between a person who tries to hide the secret and a person who tries to reveal it.

In the drama, Kim Young-hoon transforms into Lee Tae-ho, a lawyer at a law firm with a handsome appearance, attractive speech, and a wild side. Lee Tae-ho is the husband of Kim Na-yeong (Cha Ye-ryun), a former golden spoon, among upper-class mothers who engage in a "Happy Battle".

Kim Young-hoon drew public attention by building his own characters in a number of works, including the dramas "Again My Life", "Voice 4", " When My Love Blooms", "Doctor John", "Confession - Drama", and "Beauty Inside - Drama". In "Paper Moon", he made a special appearance as Tae-min, contributing to raising the tension of the play with a strange atmosphere.

"Happy Battle", starring Kim Young-hoon, Lee El, Jin Seo-yeon, Cha Ye-ryun, Park Hyo-joo, and Woo Jung-won, will premiere at 9 PM on the 31st.

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