KOFIC attends 2011 Shanghai International Film Festival

by PARK Hee-sung  / Jun 10, 2011

Korean Film Council (KOFIC, Chairman Kim Eui-suk) opens Korean Film Center at 2011 SIFF Film Mart (June 13-15) to promote Korean films and support international sales for Korean films and Korean post-production company's advancing to the Chinese market.  
2011 Shanghai Film Mart
KOFIC opens Korean Film Center at 2011 SIFF Film Mart to intensively promote Korean films, support sales business, and build a network by attending Shanghai International Film Festival and CO-FPC. A total of 13 Korean companies, including international sales companies and post-production companies, will be participating in Korean Film Center and they will promote Korean films (displaying posters, brochures, providing information and more), arrange business meetings for exports and contracts for post-production, and hold meetings regarding to international exchange projects and matching. On top of that, for the pre-business meeting matching program between Korean companies and Chinese companies which worked out very well last year, the center plans to provide a full of supports like arranging professional interpreters on-site. As a number of major companies including Jackie Chan International inc. have already asked meetings, so the center expects to achieve more this year.  
KO-Production in Shanghai
KOFIC launches KO-Production section at CO-FPC (Co-production Film Pitch and Catch), one of the side bar events of SIFF, to support Korea-China joint production projects and inviting Chinese capital. 6 projects, selected by respective contests in Korea and China, will be announced on June 14 and individual business meeting will be held during 13-15. Especially, this year, Terence CHANG, a renowned producer of director John WOO, is appointed as a mentor for Korean projects to support.
[KO-Production in Shanghai Participant Film]
Section Title Participants
Korea Fist Julian JUNG, JUNG Jae-wook
Legend Hero Andy YOON, JEON Jae-hoon and more
Watch Leaper KIM Tae-hun, LEE Kyung-hee
China You Never Know GONG Yan, LIN Quan
Fox War



Cyan Island Robin Weng
The 14th Shanghai International Film Festival
2011 SIFF will be held from June 11 to 19 and a total of 4 Korean films, such as "Come Rain Come Shine" by Lee Yoon-ki, "The Unjust" by Ryoo Seung-wan, "No Doubt" by Park Soo-young-I, and "Petty Romance" by Kim Jeong-hoon-II, will be screened during the festival.
[The List of Korean Films screened at the 14th SIFF]

Section Title Director
Spectrum "Come Rain Come Shine" Lee Yoon-ki,
"The Unjust" Ryoo Seung-wan
"No Doubt" Park Soo-young-I
"Petty Romance" Kim Jeong-hoon-II
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