Kong Hyo-jin gets a side blow in the SBS vs. KBS fight for "Don't Dare to Dream"

Kong Hyo-jin has been put in a difficult spot because of the competition between KBS and SBS.


SBS claimed that "Don't Dare to Dream" starring Cho Jung-seok and Kong Hyo-jin will be organized for August.

KBS stepped forward and said "Don't Dare to Dream" was meant to be organized in KBS after "Uncontrollably Fond".

Apparently, discussion was in process and adjustments had been made for the organization of "Don't Dare to Dream" in KBS.

According to KBS, this became a problem because of the unreasonable demands made by Kong Hyo-jin who had apparently asked for adjustments in the time of making the drama and even the members of staff.

SM C&C released an official statement. "Don't Dare to Dream" will be under the control of a director from SBS and that the actress had never mentioned for a change in director. The rumors aren't true and Kong Hyo-jin had just received a side blow.

Thanks to KBS and SBS, Kong Hyo-jin has become someone who makes things difficult for other people.

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