Kong Hyo-jin In "The Journey to Gyeongju"

On the 14th, Kong Hyo-jin uploaded a picture related to the movie "The Journey to Gyeongju" on her Instagram.


The movie "The Journey to Gyeongju" which Kong Hyo-jin started filming this time, is directed by Kim Mi-jo and features a two-night, three-day murder trip of four mothers and daughters. It was the third-place winner of the Korean Film Scenario Competition held by the Korea Film Council in 2021, and stars Lee Jung-eun, Park So-dam and Lee Yeon together.

Kong Hyo-jin's most recent film is "Crazy Romance" in 2019, and unlike Kong Hyo-jin's appearance in the drama, she has played a unique and strong character in the film.

Meanwhile, tvN is preparing to play "When the Stars Gossip". "When the Stars Gossip" is a full-fledged space romantic comedy genre that travels to and from the space station and the earth, and stars as Korean-American astronaut Eve Kim.

Since Kong Hyo-jin has not engaged in any special work activities other than marrying Kevin Oh in 2022 after the 2019 drama "When the Camellia Blooms", and her appearance in "Hangout With Yoo" earlier this year, fans greatly welcome the news of her new work.