Kong Hyo-jin's First Rom-com After Her Wedding, "When the Stars Gossip"

Space romance "When the Stars Gossip" cranked up on the 12th. It is planning to start working on VFX and others later.


"When the Stars Gossip" is a romantic comedy drama written by "Pasta" writer Seo Sook-hyang, which drew attention as the first meeting between Lee Min-ho and Kong Hyo-jin. In particular, as it is a romantic comedy set in space, attention is also being paid to its scale.

Since the universe is the background, many Visual Effects (VFX) will be used. After the shooting the crank-up, the latter part of the work will begin to improve the quality of the drama. The production team said, "We are using various filming techniques to express the weightlessness in the spacecraft, the feast of stars spreading out of the space station, and the vast landscape of space, so you can look forward to it visually".

In addition, the production team said, "Thanks to the perfect teamwork of actors Lee Min-ho and Kong Hyo-jin, the filming was able to go smoothly". Viewers will also be drawn into the two actors' performances like black holes".

"When the Stars Gossip" is the first drama set by a space station in Korea, and is a full-fledged space rom-com between space and Earth. Lee Min-ho plays Gong Ryong, an obstetrician who enters the space station as a space tourist, and Kong Hyo-jin plays Captain Eve Kim, a perfectionist astronaut who does not tolerate a single mistake. The platform and timing of disclosure are undecided.

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