Kong Hyo-jin to Star in MV of "Rookie Singer Cho Jung-seok"

Actress Kong Hyo-jin will appear in the music video of actor Cho Jung-seok, who will debut as a singer.


Cho Jung-seok will debut as a new singer through the Netflix entertainment show "Rookie Singer Cho Jung-seok". "Rookie Singer Cho Jung-seok" is a project to debut as a new singer for actor Cho Jung-seok with actor Jung Sang-hoon, a close friend, as the head of entertainment, and comedian Moon Sang-hoon to help him make his debut. Producer Yang Jung-woo of the TV series "New Journey to the West", "Youth Over Flowers" and "Good Job to Use".

Meanwhile, Kong Hyo-jin and Cho Jung-seok boast of their loyalty in collaboration in dramas and movies. The two worked together in SBS's "Don't Dare to Dream" in 2016 and in the 2019 film "Hit-and-Run Squad".

In particular, Kong Hyo-jin drew attention by disclosing an anecdote about the double-digit ratings of 13 dramas that she appeared in for 25 years on tvN's "Hang Out With Yoo" saying, "I told Cho Jung-seok before the start of "Don't Dare to Dream", "Are you ready to change your life?"".

Meanwhile, the release date of "Rookie Singer Cho Jung-seok" is undecided.