Korea's First 3D Horror Project Soul Mate Announced

"Soul Mate - Movie", to be directed by Kim Ji-hwan resulted from KOFIC's Filmmaker's Development Lab (FDL) and took part in PIFAN's Network of Asian Fantastic Film's (NAFF). The production of such films underscores the growing importance of PIFAN not just as an exhibitor of genre films but as a catalyst of film production. The FDL on the other hand, is a programme that takes a number of film projects from up and coming Korean film makers (in and out of the country) and matches them with mentors from the film industry. This year there were 5 projects including Soul Mate.

The $2 million dollar film is to be created by Korean visual effects company 'Macrograph' and production company 'Entourage'. Macrograph for its part is no stranger to high profile movies after working on Korean films "The Forbidden Kingdom", "The Restless", and thriller "Hand Phone". The film has already secured development funds and the film's producers are in talks with local and one Singaporean company to secure coproduction partners.

Rather than the usual fare of (pretty young) girls becoming murder fodder to a host of grizzly attackers, "Soul Mate - Movie" focuses on a group of college boys. The producers are aiming to assemble a "dream team of good-looking boys" who will one by one, come to their ends at the hand of a mysterious stalker. This film is expected to be released in the summer of 2010.

David Oxenbridge (KOFIC)