Korean Drama of the Week "Drama Festival - Save Wang Jo-hyeon"

Korean drama of the week "Drama Festival - Save Wang Jo-hyeon" (2013)


Directed by Kwon Seong-chang

Written by Lee Hyeon-joo

Network: MBC

With Choi Wooshik, Han Bo-reum, Kim Hee-jung-II, Jung Man-sik, Jeon No-min, Kang Tae-oh,...

1 episode - Thu 23:15
Part of the "Drama Festival" series
It's the year 1989. Boo Joon-sik spends the last summer of his teen years observing the one and only Chief Investigator. Watching Chief Investigator leads him to dream about becoming a detective someday, too. His first love involves a girl who resembles Joey Wong. Joey, a bus attendant, is framed by the bus company for embezzling company money.

Broadcasting date in Korea : 2013/11/14

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