Korean dramas starting today 2015/10/26 in Korea

Korean dramas starting today 2015/10/26 in Korea: "Bubble Gum" and Web-drama "Falling For Challenges"


"Bubble Gum" (2015)

Directed by Kim Byeong-soo

Written by Lee Mi-na-I

Network : tvN

With Lee Dong-wook, Jung Ryeo-won, Lee Jong-hyuk, Park Hee-von, Bae Jong-ok, Lee Seung-joon,...

16 episodes -Mon, Tue 23:00
A grown up fairy tale about people with deficiencies covering up for each other and being slightly happier.

"Falling For Challenges" (2015)

Directed by Lee Hyeong-min

Written by Seo Dong-seong, Woo Soo-jin

Network : NAVER tvcast

With Xiumin, Kim So-eun, Jang Hee-ryung, Jang Yoo-sang,...

6 episodes - Mon~Fri 17:00
A story of a young man and woman heading for their dreams through a club called "One Plus One".