Korean Dramas Starting Today 2018/09/28 in Korea

Korean dramas starting today 2018/09/28 in Korea: "Drama Special - The Tuna and the Dolphin", "The Third Charm" and "Sweet and Salty Office".


"Drama Special - The Tuna and the Dolphin" (2018)

Directed by Song Min-yeob

Written by Lee Jung-eun-III

Network : KBS

With Park Gyu-young, Yoon Park, Jung Gun-joo, Kim Soo-jin-IV, Lee Seung-hoon, Heo Dong-won,...

1 episode - Fri 22:00
Part of the KBS "Drama Special" series
"Drama Special - The Tuna and the Dolphin" is a web-toon based drama about a woman who falls in love easily, but has stayed single all her life, a man who is called 'the dolphin', and a swimming instructor.


"The Third Charm" (2018)

Directed by Pyo Min-soo

Written by Park Eun-yeong, Park Hee-kwon

Network : jTBC

With Seo Kang-joon, Esom, Yang Dong-geun, Lee Yoon-ji, Min Woo-hyuk, Kim Yoon-hye,...

Fri, Sat 23:00
An epic love story of a romance spanning twelve years


"Sweet and Salty Office" (2018)

Directed by Lee Hyun-joo-II

Written by Jang Jin-ah

Network : MBC every1

With Lee Chung-ah, Song Won-seok, Song Jae-hee, Joo Sae-byeok, Jeon Heon-tae, Yoon Soo,...

10 episodes - Fri 20:50
The 2-episode pilot aired on 2018/05/18 and 2018/05/25
A single woman in her 30s talks about her work and love life over food