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Korean Movie of the Week "After My Death"

Korean movie of the week "After My Death" (2017)


Directed by Kim Ui-seok

With Jeon Yeo-been, Seo Young-hwa, Go Won-hee, Lee Tae-kyoung, Lee Bom, Jeon So-nee,...

A missing high-school girl is suspected of committing suicide. When it is discovered that somber Yeong-hee was the last to see her, troubling questions arise. Yeong-hee is quickly thrown into a maelstrom of accusations, leading to a witch hunt encouraged by the missing girl's mother and her quick-to-condemn classmates. While Yeong-hee searches for the truth, she must solve her own existential crisis before spiraling out of control. "After My Death" wraps its drama in a mantle of mystery to tackle deep-seated issues from peer pressure to teenage depression and the very fissures of society that cause them.

Release date in Korea : 2018/09/13

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First Press Limited
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