Korean Movie of the Week "Jazzy Misfits"

Korean movie of the week "Jazzy Misfits" (2019)


Directed by Nam Yeon-woo

With Jo Min-soo, Cheetah, Terris Brown, Lee Soo-kwang, Oh Woo-ri, Choi Ji-su,...

"If there were two people who shouldn't have met, could that have been us...?"
A mother and daughter's variety run to find the missing child!
Soon-deok (Cheetah) is raising the stocks on herself as a singer in Itaewon until her mother (Jo Min-soo) finds her. Turns out her sister, Yoo-ri, ran away with their money! The mother and daughter become a team to find the money and they search high and low for Yoo-ri. That is when they face secrets of the daughter and sister who they thought they knew everything about.

Release date in Korea : 2020/05/27

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