Korean Movie of the Week "Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP"

Korean movie of the week "Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP" (2018)


Directed by Kim Tae-yoon

With Lee Sung-min, Kim Seo-hyung, Bae Jung-nam, Shin Ha-kyun, Kal So-won, David Lee McInnis,...

Started filming 2018/07/09
Wrapped up filming: 2018/10/22
The moment you hear the words of animals,
The rules of the investigation are flipped!

Joo Tae-joo is a skilled agent from the National Intelligence Service with a super promotion coming up! His secret to a perfect record is that he can hear animals?! Joo Tae-joo sets out with military canine Ali, who has the decisive clue to resolving an incident that threatens national security. Charismatic director Min Soo-hee and agent Jo Man-sik are out to help them. Will this team play work out?

Release date in Korea : 2020/01/22

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