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Korean Movie Opening Today 2019/08/26 in Korea

Korean movie opening today 2019/08/26 in Korea "Thug Teacher" (2019)


Directed by Eo Il-seon

With Ji Hwa-seop, Joo Bo-bi, Oh Jae-moo, Cheon Young-min, Baek Jin-hwan, Lee Kyung-eun,...

"Kids~ The first punch always wins the fight!"

Na Dae-gi was the leader of a student gang and had power over all high schools in his area. He declares the gang's disbandment, goes into a third-degree College of Education to become a teacher, and finds a job in Kangho High, which has a reputation for being highly populated with troublemakers.
The student gangs at Kangho High, who all the other teachers have given up on, start a fight with Dae-gi, who prepares a lesson of his own, and so begins the war between the gangster teacher and the student gang at Kangho High.

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