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Korean movies opening today 2011/04/14 in Korea

2011/04/14 Source

Korean movies opening today in Korea "The Journals of Musan", "Suicide Forecast", "I Am a Dad", "Funny Neighbors" and "Beautiful Legacy".

"The Journals of Musan" (2010)

Directed by Park Jung-bum

With Park Jung-bum, Jin Yong-wook, Kang Eun-jin,...

North Korean defector JEON Seung-chul distributes fliers for a living. He likes Sook-young, who goes to same church, but he can't get himself to draw close to her because of his present circumstances. Kyung-chul, who lives with Seung-chul, is a broker who sends other North Korean defectors' money to their families in North Korea through his uncle in China. But Kyung-chul later gets conned by his uncle and he asks Seungchul to bring him the money that's he's hidden away.

"Suicide Forecast" (2011)

Directed by Jo Jin-mo

With Ryoo Seung-bum, Sung Dong-il, Park Chul-min, Jung Sun-kyung, Seo Ji-hye, Lim Ju-hwan,...

Formerly known as Suspicious Customers or Life is Beautiful (인생은 아름다워, In-saeng-eun A-leum-da-weo)
The best insurance king Bae Byeong-woo once dreamt of becoming a baseball king. One day he is suspected in helping out a suicide. He remembers a strange contract he had with some clients a few years ago and goes out to find them.
Depressed solo dad and head of department Oh, child head of the household So-yeon who is bad tempered, pretty beggar Young-tak who says nothing but swear words and widowed mother Bok-soon who has four children. Byeong-woo goes through hell and sweet talks them with some bluff to extend the lives of these people who seem like they will jump into the Han River the minute they are out of sight. Having approached them with impurity, Byeong-woo begins to be influenced by their innocence and family love. Will he succeed in A/S for his strange clients?
This April, we extend your laughter!

"I Am a Dad" (2010)

Directed by Jeon Man-bae, Lee Se-yeong-II

With Kim Seung-woo, Son Byung-ho, Im Ha-ryong, Choi Jung-yoon, Kim Sae-ron,...

Corrupt detective Han Jong-sik (Kim Seung-woo) takes care of a gang and gets kickbacks to save his daughter. One day he gets news from the organ transplant coordinator that they have found a heart for his daughter (Kim Sae-ron). However, he finds out the donor is magician Na Sang-man (Son Byung-ho) who he put false charges over and was in jail.

Sang-man lost his young daughter and wife and became a vegetative state himself. Jong-sik guesses he wouldn't allow the transplant so he plans a way to get rid of him. Just as Sang-man is about to go over in the hands of a gang and get surgery, he realizes the plan and disappears with Jong-sik's daughter.

"Funny Neighbors" (2010)

Directed by Yang Young-chul

With Park Won-sang, Jeon Mi-sun, Yoon Se-ah, Yoon Hee-seok, Jung Kyung-ho-I, Hwang Suk-jung,...

The most preposterous week of my life!
Jong-ho, a reporter at a local news paper accuses a dog-seller in his article. When he and his wife gather at a pub to celebrate his promotion, the dog-seller suddenly comes in. Minutes later their neighbor In-so enters with a weapon and things go out of control. In-soo holds everyone hostage telling them that he killed his father who abandoned him long time ago. But his fraud is brought to light when his wife Hye-jung enters who Jong-ho found attractive the other night.

2010 Pusan International Film Festival - Panorama

"Beautiful Legacy" (2010)

Directed by Kim Chang-man

With Yeon Jae, Kim Min-soo, Jun Moo-song, Im Hyun-sung, Lee Eun, Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I,...

"'GREEN MOVIE' through which people can feel the message of true hope and healthy love".
"Through healthy and energetic characters, audience gets bravery and hope; I just want to sing a song of hope for this movie".

Father is dead!
Soo-jeong, Min-seong, and Kyeong-tae start to fight over their father's inheritance.
Min-seong wins the first round by his stock market push!
Soo-jeong meets her father's lost memory along the inheritance. Will that be for keeping the inheritance, or finding the wrong deed of her father?
Min-seok and Soo-jeong's story of great deal of trouble makes audience wonder where the inheritance will finally go.
To find out the inheritance, Soo-jeong, Min-seong, Kyeong-tae are on their way. The father said that his inheritance can change one country but Soo-jeong couldn't understand at all.
At that moment, Min-seong, who was also aiming for the inheritance, tries to tempt Soo-jeong by gentleman way.
Min-seong: I have a specified goal!!
Soo-jeong: What did my father do~!
Kyeong-tae: I will keep my father's will~!
There is a 'meaning' in father's inheritance... but Soo-jeong's siblings are continuing to not understand the true meaning.

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