Korean movies opening today 2011/09/29 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2011/09/29 in Korea "The Client", "Countdown", "Ordinary Days" and documentary "Hi, Dokdo" (2011)

"The Client" (2011)

Directed by Sohn Young-sung

With Ha Jung-woo, Park Hee-soon, Jang Hyuk, Sung Dong-il, Jung Won-joong, Kim Sung-ryung,...

Battle of wits as a lawyer slowly uncovers the truth that his client tries to hide
Defense attorney Kang receives a notorious case to defend Han, who is accused of killing his wife. Even though her body is not discovered, the general public is quick to label him as the devil-reincarnate and begs for a shift guilty verdict. It's a difficult case but Kang is confident that he will prevail. The defendant is an enigmatic character with OCD who can't express his thoughts clearly. Fortunately for him, there is no murder weapon but he doesn't have an alibi either. The prosecutor handling Han's case is also Kang's archrival, and is determined to bring down Han for the murder and his lawyer along with him. Kang digs into Han's case in order to uncover evidences to clear his client's name.

"Countdown" (2011)

Directed by Heo Jong-ho

With Jung Jae-young, Jeon Do-yeon, Wi Ji-woong, Bae Yoon-bum, Jeon Dae-byung, Lee Kyung-young,...

An action drama of the last deal between 100% successful money collector Tae Geon-ho (Jung Jae-young) and experienced fraud Cha Ha-yeon (Jeon Do-yeon) about whom everything is fake besides her breathing.

"Ordinary Days" (2010)

Directed by Inan

With Song Sae-byeok, Han Ye-ri, Lee Joo-seung, Jung In-gyeom, Oh Yoon-hong, Jang Mi-yoon,...

Consisting of various episodes from the life of a man in 30's who lost his wife and son in an accident, and a woman in her 20's lives an agonizing life, and a teenager comes to face with the death of his grandfather. [Ordinary Days] portrays these people and the relationships around them. They unwittingly carry out violence on others, while they become a victim of violence by unknown people. Examining the gap between a person and the world around him and the violence in it, the film monitors the minor vibrations in ordinary life. After working in experimental short films and photography, director Inan strives to capture delicate moments in our daily lives. Yet, beyond merely emphasizing on the mood of despair, this film dream of new possibilities in gazing at the life of people. (LEE Sang-yong)

"Hi, Dokdo" (2011)

Directed by Kang Tae-won

With Jo Kyung-hyun, Jo Hong-rok,...

Seong-gyoo and Doo-tae are humans in their mid-30s.
While suffering from the extreme hardships of life, they coincidentally participate as commanders in a big run across Incheon to Dok-do. They start a long journey of 14 nights and 15 days lying to the parents of the young members that their children are sick and aim to get their money. The steaming weather of August and the difficult journey slowly start to change the survivors and Seong-gyoo and Doo-tae. They look back on the life they've lived so far when Doo-tae discovers one day, the meaning of friendship and Seong-gyoo meets Yoo-ri, daughter of his first love Han So-ri. They head for Dok-do with a new sense of attitude.