Korean movies opening today 2011/10/27 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2011/10/27 in Korea "A Reason to Live", "Spy Papa", "Pink" and documentary
"Teacher and the Devils"

"A Reason to Live" (2011)

Directed by Lee Jeong-hyang

With Song Hye-kyo, Song Chang-eui, Nam Ji-hyun, Ki Tae-young, Jin Kyung,...

Prevously known as "Today", "Nobody Somebody" and "La Quotidienne"
A female producer loses her fiancé in a hit and run accident and stands in the line of conflict. After 8 films, this movie is directed by Lee Jeong-hyang who also directed "The Way Home" with Nam Ji-hyun and Song Hye-kyo in the lead, after incredible competition, as the producer.

Da-hae who lost her fiancé by a hit and run accident, forgave the criminal who was 15 year old boy as her principle base on catholic belief and signs a petition for him. One year after, Da-hae is making a documentary to abolish death penalty requested by Catholic Church. The time goes on, she starts to look back her pain having an interview to victims who live with the forgiveness.

"Spy Papa" (2011)

Directed by Han Seung-ryong

With Lee Doo-il, Kim So-hyun, Min Kyung-jin, Lee Seung-yeon-I, Park No-shik, Goo Hye-ryung,...

A spy father and a daughter who goes after spies?
Spy dad.
Lee Man-ho (39) who runs a laundrette in North Korea is an anti-North spy, or commie who was dispatched as a resident spy 14 years ago. He does anti-North activities every night such as decoding passwords from the South for his country.
Spy catching daughter.
Soon-bok (11) is an anticommunist fourth grader. She is passionate about orating anitcommunism, drawing posters and picking up North Korean leaflets enough to recieve a commendation for crime prevention then starts catching spies.

Finally caught spy...dad?!
While chasing after a graverobber in the mountains, she finds out her father is a spy and Man-ho also realizes that his daughter knows about his identity. They both don't know that they both know about each other and Man-ho worries that Soon-bok will get hurt because of him.
What choice will the daughter and father make?

"Pink" (2011)

Directed by Jeon Soo-il

With Lee Seung-yeon-I, Seo Kab-sook, Kang San-eh, Lee Won-jong,...

Busan's representative director Jeon Soo-il's eight full feature film is set around "Pink", a shabby bar, and captures in detail the low lives with the director's characteristic static style. The performance by Seo Kab-sook, who returns to the big screen for the first in over 10 years since [Bongja], music by artist Kang San-eh, and the picturesque scenery of Goon-san beach, complete with the flying seagulls, add make the film an unquestionably memorable experience.

"Teacher and the Devils" (2011)

Directed by Kim Bong-gon

With Kim Bong-gon,...

A project to make humans by village school teacher Kim Bong-gon with 50 or so innocent elementary schoolers who take part in a courtesy classic scholar experience program for 14 nights and 15 days during winter break from 2010 December 25th to 2011 January 9th.