Korean movies opening today 2012/11/22 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2012/11/22 in Korea "Don't Cry Mommy", "Juvenile Offender", "Iron Bag Man", "National Security", "In Between", "All Bark No Bite", and "Turn It Up to Eleven 2 : Wild Days"

"Don't Cry Mommy" (2012)

Directed by Kim Yong-han

With Yoo Sun, Nam Bo-ra, Yoo Oh-sung, Dongho, Kwon Hyun-sang, Choi Dae-chul,...

A story about a mother who swears revenge on the suspects who killed her high school daughter.

"Juvenile Offender" (2012)

Directed by Kang Yi-kwan

With Lee Jung-hyun, Seo Young-joo, Jeon Ye-jin, Kang Rae-yeon, Jung Suk-yong, Kang Hyuk-il,...

Ji-gu is a 16-year-old juvenile offender under probation who lives with his only known relative; his grandfather who is sick in bed all the time with severe diabetic complications. To Ji-gu, home is only a place that stinks with sickness and school, a place to hangout. His only interest in life is his new sweet girlfriend Sae-rom. One day, he gets caught after committing burglary with big boys from the neighborhood. And without a parent to plead for him, the judge sentences Ji-gu to the juvenile reformatory while others get lighter penalties.

11 months later, Ji-gu is informed that his grandfather has passed away. After the funeral, his teacher tracks down Ji-gu's mom, who Ji-gu thought was dead but in fact had ran away from home after giving birth to Ji-gu at age 17. Ji-gu is simply shocked to realize that he has a mother. But after he gets discharged from the juvenile reformatory, he and his young mother try to make up with each other for their time lost. Ji-gu starts off living together with his mother with high expectations, but he soon realizes that his mother is much too young just like himself and he comes to understand why she had to leave him right after giving birth. But when Ji-gu falls into a similar situation with his girlfriend, his mother who he thought would understand is appalled at the news which creates a conflict between the two.

"Iron Bag Man" (2012)

Directed by Yoon Hak-ryul

With Choi Soo-jong, Lee Soo-na, Ki Joo-bong, Lee Mi-ji, Kim Jung-kyoon, Kim Kwang-sik,...

This movie is based on the true story of Kim Woo-soo, an orphan who lived in a tiny one-room with his tiny salary earned from delivering Chinese food in iron bags, supporting children who were in more need than he was but unfortunately passed away in a car accident in 2009. Choi Soo-jong returns with a movie for the first time in 18 years.

"National Security" (2012)

Directed by Chung Ji-young

With Park Won-sang, Lee Kyung-young, Dong Bang-woo, Kim Eui-sung, Seo Dong-soo, Lee Chun-hee,...

In 1985, Jong-tae Kim was illegally kidnapped in front of his wife and children and forcefully imprisoned by agents in the Namyoung area. And savage torture began.

Professional interrogator and torturer Doo-han Lee was at the center of the fabricated incident. He was a no nonsense expert in interrogations and tortures, yet a cold-blooded man who never hesitated or felt remorse in driving his interrogation victims to their deaths.

20 years have passed, Korea is a democracy, and Kim, who now holds a rank of a Minister, is on the way to meet Lee in prison. Kim cannot stand bear to put his hand on Lee's shoulder as Lee kneels down and asks forgiveness. Now Kim thinks about the cruel past, the deep scars left in his mind, and the possibility of forgiveness.

"In Between" (2009)

Directed by Eo Il-seon, Min Doo-sik, Oh Jeong-seok

With Hwang Soo-jung, Ki Tae-young, Park Chul-min, Chun Woo-hee, Ko Chang-seok, Woo Hyeon,...

A man (Ki Tae-young) is imprisoned for murdering his father, a woman (Han Soo-jeong) is given a terminally ill life, Song Jang-soo (Park Chul-min) stands at the edge of the cliff to end his life and coffee shop girl Jeon Na-ri (Chun Woo-hee) who has nothing but debt, all come together! These special people meet at the shining point of their lives. Will happiness come after today?

"All Bark No Bite" (2012)

Directed by Jo Byeong-ok

With Kim Mu-yeol, Jin Seon-kyu, Seo Dong-gab, Kim Hyun-jung-V, Jo Min-ho-I, Tak Teu-in,...

Even a remote town breeds a gang; these young men pass the time idling on the rooftop of a run-down coffee house, picking a fight with a delivery boy and collecting debt on behalf of others. Even though the hoodlums are not exactly saints, they never really harm anyone and care about each other. Then one day, the legendary gang member Seil comes back and threatens to take away their self-respect and peaceful life. Will they bite back?

"Turn It Up to Eleven 2 : Wild Days" (2012)

Directed by Baek Seung-hwa

Galaxy Express is a Korean rock band that has emerged as the king of rock in Korea, a small country in the Far East where the concept of rock was not known. Galaxy Express, the legendary rock band, then departed for the U.S., the home of rock, to go on a solo tour holding incredible but grueling 19 concerts within three weeks.