Korean movies opening today 2014/05/15 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2014/05/15 in Korea: "MAD SAD BAD", "Campus S Couple", "Sage Solutions"


"MAD SAD BAD" (2014)

Directed by Han Ji-seung, Kim Tae-yong, Ryoo Seung-wan

With Lee David, Park Jung-min, Son Soo-hyun, Park Ki-woong, Nam Gyu-ri, Kim Su-an,...

Formerly known as "I Saw You" (너를 봤어, neo-leul bwass-eo), which is a part of the omnibus.
A 3D omnibus movie progressed by the KAFA about a man who becomes a zombie for no known reason and falling in love with a woman.

Ghost (유령, Yoo-ryeong)
Directed by Ryoo Seung-wan
High school student Seung-ho (Lee David) is obsessed with a group chat and has a crush on one of the members named Yeo Woo-bi (Son Soo-hyun) whom he's never met before. One day she sends him a desperate message. "Help me" and "Kill me".
He heads for Sinchon with Bizen (Park Jung-min), another member of the group to save her...

I Saw You (너를 봤어, neo-leul bwass-eo)
Directed by Han Ji-seung
"The day love fell, the world became a zombie".
In a world where humans and zombie curers live together, Yeo-wool (Park Ki-woong) the general manager who supervises the zombie curers, hates them but female zombie Si-wa (Nam Gyu-ri) still follows him around. Then one day, Yeo-wool feels something for Si-wa who collapses from overwork...

Picnic (피크닉, Pi-keu-nik)
Directed by Kim Tae-yong
"Mom and dad are busy so you're going on a picnic with me"
Eight-year-old Soo-min (Kim Su-an) lived with her mother (Park Mi-hyeon) and handicapped brother in a small ocean village. Her favorite thing to do is read comics under the covers. One day, her brother destroys her book and Soo-min makes up her mind. She takes her brother on a picnic and leaves him there...

"Campus S Couple" (2011)

Directed by Song Chang-yong

With Choi Phillip, Moon Bo-ryung, Seo Hyo-myung, Park Ran, Han Kyung-suk,...

Chan-seung and Ah-yeong met at a nightclub, they had a hot one-night stand.
After a few days, chan-seung was surprised by the fact that Ah-yeong was a junior of the same college, but the relationship will remain confidential within the two.
Meanwhile, Yoo-jin who has loved Chan-seung since childhood entered the same college to complete her love for Chan-seung.
One day Chan-seung met his ideal woman Min-jo and was trying to accomplish love with her.

Ah-yeong is cool and sexy, Yoo-jin is cute and attractive and Min-jo is the ideal woman.
What the hell Chan-seung make love with whom?

"Sage Solutions" (2014)

Directed by Tae Jun-seek

With Hong Se-hwa,...

It was a lie from the very beginning!

All Korean media call themselves 'reasonable'. However, they accept false reports and plot for the continuous rise in housing for the survival of the media company and security. Some even utilize the media to get rid of a political opponent. A man who was president is gone because of the most sure and powerful lies created by the media and lies are being repeated for the great capital "Samsung".
What is the wise solution between various media in the country that manipulate the society's thoughts and mind?