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Korean movies opening today 2014/09/11 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2014/09/11 in Korea: "The Wicked", "A Record of Sweet Murder" and "Love Match"


"The Wicked" (2014)

Directed by Yoo Young-sun

With Park Joo-hee, Na Soo-yoon, Lee Mi-so, Kang Ki-hwa, Shin Ye-jin, Han Jae-yi,...

Saeyoung is a new employee who eventually stands against Leesun, her stubborn team leader. Leesun is upset by Saeyoung's behavior, but she soon learns about ominous stories about Saeyoung. As the stories about Saeyoung are revealed one after another, she becomes a source of fear to Leesun. Saeyoung's stalking-like bullying continues, and Leesun tries to run away from her.

In this film, Saeyoung is the character of a devil incarnate. As the plot unravels, her unlucky past also reveals itself, which nevertheless does not make her less wicked because she is not a character we can easily develops sympathy with. Director Yoo Young-sun does not pay much attention to explain her wicked behavior based on causes and effects. If the plot explains why she does certain evil acts, that is like the minimum safety valve.

Instead, this film focuses on elaborating her evil acts. Saeyoung is angry about that fact that no one has ever loved her and finally succeeds in destroying people around her just because they are loved by somebody. Going beyond the boundary of thriller films, the director seems to try to transmit the strange energy of Saeyoung to the audience.

Considering the Korean society that is becoming more and more indifferent to others'agony, this film is all the more realistic with the story of a victim turning into a terrifying assailant. (Kim Youngjin)

JIFF 2014

"A Record of Sweet Murder" (2014)

Directed by Koji Shiraishi

With Yeon Je-wook, Kim Kkobbi, Tsukasa Aoi, Ryotaro Yonemura, Park Jung-yoon, Koji Shiraishi,...

"A Record of Sweet Murder" is a Korea-Japan co-production
Don't stop the camera if you want to know more!
An exclusive report of a serial killer...everything is real!

Prosecution of society journalist So-yeon gets a call from a serial killer to report his murder scenes. She accepts the offer. The killer tells her he will kill her if she stops her camera. The murder site turns into hell. So-yeon who tries to stop this accidentally commits murder herself...

The hidden story in the tape is about to be played!

"Love Match" (2014)

Directed by Kim Ho-joon

With Choi Sung-kook, Song Eun-chae, So Hye-ri,...

A sexy comedy about a professor and his female student.

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