Korean movies opening today 2014/12/11 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2014/12/11 in Korea: "Shinhwa Live 3D: The Legend Continues", "Party 51", "Mulberry 2014", and "Pororo, The Snow Fairy Village Adventure"

"Shinhwa Live 3D: The Legend Continues" (2014)

Directed by Son Seok

With Eric Mun, Andy, Lee Min-woo, Kim Dong-wan, Jun Jin,...

In March 2013, the 3D Live concert sold out in five minutes after tickets went on sale. This documentary is about the Shinhwa 15th Anniversary Live Concert.

"Party 51" (2014)

Directed by Jung Yong-taek

Formerly known as "51+"
Hongdae is a gathering place of musicians who lead commercial music in Korea! However, there is a group of musicians who can't find a spot to perform even in Hongdae. "We have to location or money. Then?" Starting off around a round table in 'small Yongsan' in Hongdae, they are ready to sing and play their guitars at any events including neighborhood parties, university festivals and even the streets. They fight against capitalism and competition to stand on their own feet...

"Mulberry 2014" (2014)

Directed by Kong Ja-kwan

With Kim Yeon-soo-I, Irina Griga, Joo In-chul, Kim Ki-cheon,...

The widow of our village versus a Ukrainian bride!
A competition is held to see who is tastier!
Fair skin, red lips, big breasts and a thin waistline as well as a big butt; In-hae used to have men eating out of her hands with perfect looks and amazing techniques. One day, she is rivaled by Ahn-hyeop with bouncy blonde hair, blue eyes and long arms and legs. She's from Ukraine and draws the attention of all the men. In-hae is upset at her appearance. She attempts to attract the men back with a more seductive method.

"Pororo, The Snow Fairy Village Adventure" (2014)

Directed by Kim Hyeon-ho-I

With Kim Seo-young,...

No snow on Christmas? Bring back our White Christmas!
Little penguin Pororo and his friends come across 'Snow Fairy Village', which spreads snow all over the world, to have fun with Arti who wants to be a sculptor. All of the sudden, a lava monster attacks the village and takes all the snow fairies. Will Pororo and his friends save them to have a White Christmas?