Korean movies opening today 2015/03/05 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2015/03/05 in Korea: "Empire of Lust", "Granny's Got Talent", "Dog Eat Dog" and "Barracks"

"Empire of Lust" (2014)

Directed by Ahn Sang-hoon

With Shin Ha-kyun, Jang Hyuk, Kang Han-na, Kang Ha-neul, Lee Jae-yong-I, Kim Sa-hee,...

Formerly known as "The Age of Innocence" on HanCinema
The love and betrayal, loyalty and revenge, amongst the first prince's hardships during the confusion of the establishment of the Joseon, after the fall of Koryeo.

"Granny's Got Talent" (2014)

Directed by Sin Han-sol

With Kim Soo-mi, Jung Man-sik, Kim Jung-tae, Lee Tae-ran, Jung Ae-yun, Lee Young-eun,...

Formerly known as "Granny From Hell" on HanCinema

A family story about a granny who participates in a national cussing battle audition.

"Dog Eat Dog" (2015)

Directed by Hwang Wook, Park Min-woo-I

With Kim Sun-bin, Kwak Min-ho, Jeong Joon-gyo, Lee Ha-min, Park Hyeong-joon-I, Gong Min-jung,...

There are 'dogs' that target Koreans while they're on vacation abroad. Hyeong-sin and Ji-hoon kidnap and kill these people without a drop of guilt. While they are in Korea for a period of time, the family of the people kill chase after them like dogs that never let go once they bite. Doo-jin, who is abandoned by Hyeong-sin's gang, kidnap a new victim alone. A middle-aged woman tracks down Hyeong-jin's gang to find her son who went missing during his vacation. However, the victim and kidnapper are tangled in many complicated ways...

"Barracks" (2014)

Directed by Lee Sang-bin

With Baek Do-bin, Jung Si-ah, Kwak Do-won, Kim Sung-oh, Um Tae-goo,...

"Die to live! This is the rule!"
Shocking twist! A monster-turned-man's struggle to survive.

In an old military bus are Myeong-hoon, his girlfriend Yeong-eun, and survival game friends; they are headed to a private camp to experience army life. Myeong-hoon knows there to be a large population of people to be taking part in this but he shocked to find the camp deserted. It turns out they had arrived a day early due to Myeong-hoon's miscalculation. The instructor and his assistant arrange temporary barracks for them to spend the night in. Myeong-hoon and his friends shower, take a walk or drink after dinner. However, as the day darkens, they start disappearing one by one so Myeong-hoon and Yeong-eun starts looking for them. All they find are gruesome bodies of their friends. Myeong-hoon thinks the instructor and his assistant are doing this and manages to escape the camp. The instructor chases after him as he is trying to get on the bus he came in. The two of them hear a horrifying twist from the bus driver. Are the friends dead? Will Myeong-hoon be able to safely leave the camp?