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Korean movies opening today 2015/05/07 in Korea

2015/05/07 Source

Korean movies opening today 2015/05/07 in Korea: "Love Clinic", "The Admiral's Path", "Young Mother: What's Wrong With My Age??", "An Omnivorous Family's Dilemma", and "Some Journey - A Citizen Created Musical".

"Love Clinic" (2014)

Directed by Kim Aaron

With Oh Ji-ho, Kang Ye-won, Ha Joo-hee, Kim Min-kyo, Hong Suk-chun, Oh Min-suk,...

Formerly known as "Taste of Love" and "Cheeky She, Stuck Up He" (Cheeky She, Prickly He, 발칙한 그녀, 까칠한 그놈, bal-chig-han geun-yeo, kka-chil-han geu-nom)
A romantic comedy about a female urologist who has kissing allergies and a male gynecologist with physical fusion, opening their own hospitals on the same floor, same building.

"The Admiral's Path" (2015)

Directed by Jeong Se-gyo, Kim Han-min

With Kim Han-min, Lee Hae-young-I, Ryohei Otani, Jang Nam-boo, Kwon Yool,...

A road documentary of the 60 days in which Admiral Yi Sunshin prepared for the Battle of Myeongryang.

"Young Mother: What's Wrong With My Age??" (2015)

Directed by Kim Il-jong

With Dong Bang-woo, Chae Min-seo, Hong Seo-joon, Ahn Min-young, Kim Min-sang-II,...

Father, son and even grandson, are all mesmerized by this 29-year-old sexy mom.
Yong-tae is a dying cancer patient whose wife passed away. Seong-min is a nuisance of a son who is of no use. Yeong-chan is Yong-tae's grandson who is addicted to porn.
A sexy mom comes into the lives of these three men one day. Jin-hee brings positive feelings into the house and prescribes her personal methods of treatment for the three men. Who will get it on with mom?

"An Omnivorous Family's Dilemma" (2014)

Directed by Hwang Yoon

With Hwang Yoon,...

This film takes place during the winter of last year when there was a nationwide slaughter of livestock to put a stop to the foot-and-mouth disease. Filmmaker Yun witnesses hundreds of pigs buried alive in a neighborhood farm. She suddenly realizes that she has never seen a pig before, and decides to follow its life closely. Yun goes deep into the mountains to meet a pig farmer who raises his pigs in a traditional way. Observing the daily routines of the mother pig Ship-soon and her piglet Don-soo, Yun discovers new facts she has never known before. As she develops a bond with the lovely pigs and acknowledges another side of the farm and meat industry, it becomes more difficult for her to enjoy pork cutlets as she used to. And to make matters worse, her husband and young son Do-young are not making her choice of daily menus easier. As she falls into a deep dilemma, what is she supposed to do? Her awareness about eating meat begins to penetrate her every day.

"Some Journey - A Citizen Created Musical" (2015)

Directed by Kim Jeong-wook-I

With Choo Min-joo,...

Have you ever been on vacation?

In-ha is a flight attendant who is always in the air but has never been on vacation herself. Kang-il is a special security guard who goes to work to the airport everyday but has never been on a plane himself. One day, In-ha gets her broach stolen and Kang-il goes after the thief. He finally catches the thief but she's a mysterious granny! She claims not to know where she lives, her name and the whereabouts of the missing broach so In-ha and Kang-il must work together although they don't want to...

Will they be able to find out who did it and find the broach? What lies in front of the two people who were getting along with their everyday lives?

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