Korean movies opening today 2016/06/23 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2016/06/23 in Korea "The Truth Beneath", "Night Song", "I Miss You" and "Young Mother: The Original"


"The Truth Beneath" (2015)

Directed by Lee Kyoung-mi

With Son Ye-jin, Kim Joo-hyuk, Choi Yu-hwa, Park Jin-woo-II, Son Sung-chan,...

Formerly known as "House Full of Happiness" (행복이 가득한 집, haeng-bog-i ga-deug-han jib)
Crank in : 2014/09/20
Crank up : 2015/01/11
A man who wants to join the political world, is at risk of having news of his affair leak out.

"Night Song" (2015)

Directed by Lee Hyun-jung

With Lee Sun-ho, Kim Bo-ra, Lee Yong-nyeo, Kwon Jae-hyun, Go Gwan-jae, No Si-hong,...

A wanna-be film director, Seung-Woo travels to Samnye to escape from his writer's block. He bumps into a village girl, Hee-In, and they become fast friends as she offers to be his tour guide around town. Her strange charm and the bizarre energy of Samnye both inspire and confound him.

"I Miss You" (2015)

Directed by Jang Eun-youn, Jero Yun, Seo Eun-ah-I

With Ye Soo-jung, Kim Hee-chan, Hong Seung-il, Lee Tae-gyoo, Uhm Ji-sung, Park Sa-rang,...

A movie full of emotions and encounters brought out by 3 rookie directors: "Love Letter" by director Seo Eun-ah-I, "Hitchhiker" by Jero Yun and "Boy Meets Girl" by Jang Eun-youn.

Episode 1: "Love Letter"
Will we be able to recognize each other when we meet? Ok-ja gets married at the age of eighteen but loses her husband to the Korean War. She spends a tough 55 years on her own and starts to learn how to read and write Korean at a late age. She writes a letter for the first time for a Korean writing competition.
Extraordinarily, line by line, her husband from the war writes back to her...

Episode 2: "Hitchhiker"
A mysterious man wanted to drink with someone.
Late night, a middle-aged man is hitchhiking in the middle of an isolated road. When no one stops for him, he throws himself in front of a van. He gets onto the van and suggests to the driver that they go drink. The driver is stunned and judging by the man's shabbiness and North Korean dialect, he assumes the man is a spy and takes him to a nearby police station. The man is investigated. He doesn't say a word. After the driver returns home, the man faces the squad leader and suggest that they go for a drink.

Episode 3: "Boy Meets Girl"
I will call you! So you better answer your phone!
In the year 2020, a homestay is being conducted for male and female teenagers in preparation for a union between North Korea and South Korea. North Korean girl Ha-jin goes to South Korean boy Woo-yeong's house to homestay. Woo-yeong starts to bully Ha-jin who has taken his room, but alas! First love has found its way to these children. Woo-yeong runs away to Seoul with Ha-jin to help her meet her father.

"Young Mother: The Original" (2016)

Directed by Jeong Do-soo

With Jin Si-ah, Oh Gil-jae, Ahn So-hee-I, Do Mo-se,...

I had a dream...sleeping with you and Hwa-yeong.

Jin-goo and Joo-hee were happy until one day their daughter Hwa-yeong, who had eloped with another man, came home. Hwa-yeong and Jin-goo were a couple at school and she had gotten pregnant. So things took place quickly and they got to live with Hwa-yeong's mother Joo-hee. However, when Hwa-yeong found out she wasn't pregnant, hit it off with another man and left the house. Jin-goo and Joo-hee had fallen in love while she was gone. Hwa-yeong had broken up with her other man and came home. However, she finds it weird that Jin-goo is still at her mother's house. Jin-goo and Joo-hee put out all sorts of lies to hide the truth from Hwa-yeong.
Hwa-yeong wants Jin-goo back and Joo-hee tries not to let her take him. Jin-goo is also stuck in the middle and doesn't know what to do...