Korean movies opening today 2016/09/08 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2016/09/08 in Korea: "Kkangchi", "Ulsik the Clumsy Boy", and "Hide Behind the Sun"


"Kkangchi" (2015)

Directed by Jeon Pil-jin

With Son Woo-hyuk, Park Jeong-soo-II, Kim Tae-hyeon-I, Kim Chae-geun, Go Hyun-min, Kwon Yu-jin,...

Formerly known as "After School" (방과 후 학교, bang-gwa hoo hak-gyo)
Hyeong-soo in the high school Judo team has to quit because of his father who doesn't care about him. With his best friends Jin-ho and Seong-rok, he decides to start afresh but everything starts falling apart when he meets the school bully Jin-gyu. In the end, Hyeong-soo decides to become the school gangster and compensate his past. He loses everything from family to friends and everything of his he thought precious the more he fills his passion. He regrets what he's done and tries to turn everything back around...

"Ulsik the Clumsy Boy" (2016)

Directed by Hwang Chul, Kim Dae-chang

With Ahn Se-hyeon, Kim Dae-chang, Kim Chang-hoo, Jeong Yeong-soo, No Byeol-i,...

A children's comedy animation.

"Random Revenge"
Ulsik is clumsy and Heung-sik with a square chin is off the wall. These two get on the wrong side of the neighborhood bully Bam-tol by making his crush So-hyeon cry on her birthday and such. One day, Ulsik plans on avenging Heung-sik by giving his skin disease to Bam-tol and his gang.

"He's Been Dumped!"
Heung-sik and Bam-tol are fighting over So-hyeon when Heung-sik's childhood partner So-yeong comes to the school and Heung-sik falls in love with her. However, So-yeong ignores the square-chinned Heung-sik. Heung-sik doesn't know this and tries to make her recall. Bam-tol who hates Heung-sik gets in every step of his way. Class president So-hyeon returns Bam-tol's ring and rejects him. Meanwhile, Fatty has a crush on the supermarket girl Na-yeong but he is rejected because he is fat. Fatty goes on a diet and becomes slim. Na-yeong falls for the handsome Fatty but Bam-tol who feels jealous and makes Fatty fat again. In the end, Fatty loses Na-yeong and is in despair.

"Love Goals"
While everyone is sad over the love they couldn't make comes true, the school and the neighborhood hold a soccer festival. Heung-sik, Bam-tol, Fatty and Ulsik participate in the game...
The full story is released in animation based on writer Lee Kyeong-seok's comic.

"Hide Behind the Sun" (2015)

Directed by Lee Chang-jun

Sang-hyeon, who has been living in the district of Jjokbang (a kind of flophouse) in Yeongdeungpo for 25 years, is working hard, keeping the dream of the day when he will live with his 8-year-old son he has separated from after divorce. He sees NGOs competitively that run their businesses to support people who live in the district only hinder people from developing their willingness to stand on their own feet, and he leaves the place. But as he fails to get a job elsewhere, he comes back and chooses to help the NGO's business.