Korean movies opening today 2016/09/22 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2016/09/22 in Korea: "Duel: Final Round", "Han River", "A Break Alone", "Bed-rella", "Manner Teacher", "Female Workers: Romance At Work", and "Overnight: Friend's Girl"

"Duel: Final Round" (2016)

Directed by Shin Jai-ho

With Lee Joo-seung, Oh Ji-ho, Lee Jung-jin, Shin Jung-geun, Son Eun-seo, Kim Jin-yeop,...

Poong-ho is a real fighter and second-in-command gangster as well as a job seeker and a household nuisance at home. He has a brother named Kang-ho who is known as a 'die-hard detective'.
One day, a murder case occurs and Kang-ho is in charge of it. A suspect named Jae-hee gets in contact with Kang-ho and the two get into a real fight. However, Kang-ho is no match for Jae-hee and falls into a coma.
Poong-ho wants to take revenge on Jae-hee who put his one and only brother in a coma but he knows he is not even an inch of what Jae-hee is when it comes to fighting. Poong-ho is even put on a restraining order for obsessively cornering Jae-hee as the suspect.
Grinding his teeth, Poong-ho learns how to fight from Old Man Hwang to take revenge on Jae-hee. Then to draw Jae-hee's attention, he shows himself off to various online shows, SNS and media. He uses the same way that Jae-hee used to start a fight with Kang-ho to challenge him to a fight. Will Poong-ho succeed in taking revenge?

"Han River" (2014)

Directed by Lee Moo-yeong

With Bong Man-dae, Ki Tae-young, Kim Jung-pal, Kim Hee-jung-I, Lee Kyung-mi-II, Go Won-hee-I,...

Catholic priest, Myeong-jun, climbs up one of the bridges crossing the Han River to commit suicide after learning that a woman who loved him in the past, has killed herself. Then Jang-hyo, a homeless person, tells the man on the bridge that he bet with other homeless people that the suicide attempt will fail. Myeong-jun jumps into the river anyway. But Jang-hyo rescues the suicidal priest and lets him join the homeless community. Chu-ja, a transgender homeless person, is on bad terms with his daughter. When he hesitates about attending his daughter's wedding, the two men visit the daughter and ask her to forgive her father. Another homeless person, Maria goes to a soup kitchen at a Catholic church, where she sees the beautiful nun Angela. Maria, who was pregnant at the time, gives birth to a baby later and decides to remain at the church to be a sister. Despite their own painful history, each of these four people finds a way to reconcile with the past.

"A Break Alone" (2015)

Directed by Cho Jae-hyun

With Park Hyuk-kwon, Yoon Joo, Park Jung-woo, Kim Han-joon, Lee Joon-hyuk-I, Lee Han-wi,...

Formerly known as "Vacation On My Own"
Gang-jae is a middle-aged family man living with a daughter, a high school senior, and a trustworthy and supportive wife. He tells his wife that he will marry her again in the next life, but he once had a secret passion she knows nothing of. He was totally head over heels in love with a yoga teacher. The teacher told him good-bye, saying she would find an unmarried man to wed. Ten years fly by and Gang-jae is still unable to get over her. He hovers around her, pretending to take pictures and making it part of his daily life so that he can steal a glance at her. One day she goes for a trip with her husband, and Gang-jae breaks into her house. While whimsically partaking in the mundane-like watering the plants, she and her husband return, putting Gang-jae in an unexpected and dismaying dilemma. Actor Cho Jae-hyun's directorial debut, this film depicts the emptiness of a middle-aged man and his obsession with a woman from his past with a light, humorous touch. (NAM Dong-chul)

20th Busan International Film Festival (2015)
Panorama Section

"Bed-rella" (2016)

Directed by Choi Moo-yeon

With Park Joo-bin, Lee Chae-dam,...

Adult fairy tale VOL.1 Bed-rella!
It's not only the shoe size that matters?!

Min-cheol goes down to the countryside to focus on the foundation project. He meets Gyu-ri, a scenario writer. They fall in love and spend a hot night together but the next day she disappears. Will he be able to find the 'perfect size'?

"Manner Teacher" (2016)

Directed by No Zin-soo

With Kim Min-ki, SonFeya, Jo Yoo-jin, Ra Hee-jung, Hwang Ji-hoo, Kim Do-yeong,...

Do you want something 'new'?

Deputy Hyeon-moo from Isang Plans doesn't know a thing about manners. The company director orders the team manager to to hire a manner teacher for the sake of teaching the employees some manners. Then one day, a young woman (SonFeya) introduces herself as the "Manner Teacher". However, she was only visible to Hyeon-moo. From then on, whenever Hyeon-moo knocks on a door or does something with 'manner', she would appear and conduct a total directional lecture on manners. The two get close very quickly...

"Female Workers: Romance At Work" (2016)

Directed by Myeong Seok-hwan

With Joo Ye-bin, Jo Jeong-hyeon, Shapely, Yoo Ah, Sin Yoo-cheol,...

What are you doing during working hour?
You know~ the hot and erotic 'thing'.

Nam-geun is having sex with the youngest female employee at work every lunch time and Kim is learning sex from a married superior. Lee is going around, poking everyone here and there. All of them get horny once work starts.
One day, Hee-soo, the sexiest worker, comes back from China and she's become even sexier. The male workers start to beg her for sex...

"Overnight: Friend's Girl" (2016)

Directed by Yoo Seung-taek

With Lee Joon-gyoo, Ko Chan-woo, Moon Bo-ram-I, Kim Ye-ji-I, Lee Si-an,...

100 random women VS my friend's woman, which one would you sleep with?
Gun-woo and Tae-cheol have different stances. Every night, Gun-woo enjoys sleeping with different women but Tae-cheol dreams of sleeping with the woman he's had a crush on for 10 years. However, Se-yeong loves Gun-woo. Tae-cheol finds out Gun-woo also has feelings for her and tries to give up but he finds himself more and more drawn to her.