Korean movies opening today 2016/11/24 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2016/11/24 in Korea: "Making Family", "ALONE", "Don't Worry", "GOGURYEO", "Dilkusha", "Prostitution", "Scandal - 2016" and "So Very, Very"

"Making Family" (2015)

Directed by Jo Jin-mo

With Kim Ha-neul, Moon Mason, Aarif Rahman, Chuk Jae-hee,...

"Making Family" is a Korea-China collaboration.
An independent career woman who wants a family without a husband and a man who has no interest in a family of his own, one day go through something unexpected and become a family...

"ALONE" (2015)

Directed by Park Hong-min

With Lee Ju-won, Song Yoo-hyun, Lee Sung-wook, Yoon Young-min,...

It's broad daylight in a shantytown and a man witnesses a woman being murdered by masked men on the rooftop of a nearby building. He tries to surreptitiously take a photo the event but is seen. He runs away and hides in his studio apartment but the men soon find him, bashing his head in with a hammer and knocking him out. After being unconscious for some time, the man wakes up in the middle of the night to find himself naked and abandoned in the center of town. To his even greater surprise, he comes across a crying child. Where is he and who is this kid? "ALONE" is the hellish nightmare of a man who meets a child abused by his father, finds his lover covered in blood, and has an unusual encounter with his mother. He tries to escape the nightmare, but he ends up always returning to the same place. A bit like one of Escher's paintings, the shantytown in ALONE is not just a setting, but also one of the film's main characters. (NAM Dong-chul)

20th Busan International Film Festival (2015)
Vision Section

"Don't Worry" (2015)

Directed by Kim Hyun, Sin Jong-hoon-I, So Joon-moon

1. First Episode: "Anxious Mind" (Director: So Joon-moon)
It's the end-of-the-year and Chun-gil goes to Jongno to relieve her lonely heart. She meets Hyeon-joon, a young boy who is mad over his girlfriend who cheated on him. Chun-gil falls for him right away but as time goes, the situation just gets more and more complicated.

2. Second Episode: "Pinky Finger" (Director: Kim Hyun)
Hyeok works at a human rights group. He is in a normal relationship in a normal life until his ex-lover Seok comes along. Hyeok finds out Seok used joining the group as an excuse to find him. Every time Seok fills in a blank of the registration form Hyeok recalls memories from the past.

3. Third Episode: "Sowongil" (Director: Sin Jong-hoon-I)
Jeom-soon (52) does two jobs to live with her son Yong-geun who just got out of the military. She works in a restaurant during the day and works at Sowongil, selling herself, at night. One day, Jeom-soon helps Eun-ji who was being abused and the two become friends.

"GOGURYEO" (2016)

Directed by Ryoo Jong-heon

With Kim Yong-ok,...

Goguryeo is Do All

Goguryeo was alive and breathing
Bo Hai could be seen from the Manchurian fields
This adventure is about finding our roots

We travel back in time with Do All now!

"Dilkusha" (2015)

Directed by Kim Tae-yeong-II, Lee Se-yeong-II

With Kim Tae-yeong-II, Jin Hye-kyung, Kil Yong-woo, Jo Ayoung, Ahn Sung-ki, Jang Dong-gun,...

Director Kim, who had a stroke after making numerous movies, lives in hell for 11 years. He goes to Dilcusha to write a new scenario and sees a miracle after meeting people agreed on participating in his new film.

"Prostitution" (2016)

Directed by Lee Sang-woo-VI

With Baek Se-ri, Ahn So-hee-I, Kim Tae-san,...

Soo-hyeon and Hye-ji are sitting on a pile of debt thanks to their husband and father who ran away in the middle of the night. Tae-san the loan shark demands the money no matter what. He rapes the mother and daughter and requires them to join prostitution. They survive day by day selling themselves until one day, Tae-san suggests a way they can clean slate over one night and that is for the mother and daughter to have the most extreme sex with one man.

"Scandal - 2016" (2016)

Directed by Lee Dong-hyeon-II

With Hwang Sung-woong, Jin Geon-I, Na Jin, Kwak Ji-eun, Yoo Seung-il, Lee Min-wook,...

A scandalous and sexually demoralizing tale!
Hyeok-bin was once a superstar but a scandal led to the fall of his popularity. Hyeok-bin and his manager Jin-goo attempt to make a come back through an Internet pod cast where sexual concerns were honestly laid bare. Hyeok-bin draws attention right away with his frank replies to those listeners who send in their letters. Meanwhile, sexy columnist Yeo-jin, innocent looking actress Ah-hyeon, failure of a movie producer Tae-hyeon, model Seong-joon and producer Park are detected of shady relationships with one another and the broadcast goes crazy!

"So Very, Very" (2013)

Directed by Park Je-wook

With Oh Chang-kyung, Jo Ha-yeong, Park Jong-dae, Kim Bong-seong, Jeon Yeong-ho,...

Sung-Hoon is living a struggling existence as an assistant film director in Korea, and Pan is working in Thailand at a small outdoor restaurant as a food server and dishwasher. Fate causes their paths to cross and to fall in love in Thailand, and they end up coming back to Korea together. However, instead of an ideal newlywed life, their marriage is rocky, mostly due to heavy financial burdens. Pan is extremely disappointed because the reality of her life is not at all what she envisioned when she made the decision to move to Korea. Although Sung-Hoon continuously tries to do his best for his wife to bring her happiness, the problems are difficult to overcome.
Sung-Hoon considers his identity to be a filmmaker, but in order to survive the only work he does is various odd jobs. Pan views him as an irresponsible husband who is just chasing dreams. As Sung-Hoon seems destined to lead a life of poverty, it seems like a hopeless situation. The couple fight continuously because of the stress. Finally, Pan gets on a plane and goes back to Thailand. Now they live their lives separately, Sung-Hoon in Korea and Pan in Thailand, the same as before they had met each other. What will happen to their love?