Korean Movies Opening Today 2019/01/17 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2019/01/17 in Korea "Mate" and "The First Issue"


"Mate" (2018)

Directed by Jung Dae-gun

With Shim Hee-sub, Jung Hye-sung, Kil Hae-yeon, Jeon Shin-hwan-I, Song Yoo-hyun, Han Sa-myung,...

Joon-ho meets Eun-ji again when he goes for a part-time photographing job at a magazine. They met through a dating application but Eun-ji pretends she doesn't know him. Although they spend a night together and have feelings for each other, practical problems get in the way. They hide their relationship and give each other hard times. Eun-ji dates a man in a more stable position. Somewhere between friends and lovers, their problems go beyond emotions. They remain 'mates' due to the delicate issues of employment, future and reality. Sometimes they are drained of physical and emotional energy and sometimes offer pathetic consolation. The word "Mate" almost becomes a proper noun for the young generation, who canīt bear responsibility for each other. The film captures subtle moments in bars, apartments or alleys throughout. [LEE  Sang-yong]
The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival 2018 - Korean Competition

"The First Issue" (2018)

Directed by Ha Soo-min, Ji Il-joo, Jung In-hee, Paek Seung-hwan

With Jung Hyungsuk, Moon Jong-won, Jo Dal-hwan, Kim Jong-goo, Lee Ji-hyun-XI, Paek Seung-hwan,...

"First Issue" is an omnibus piece intended to bring romance back to the current generation. Short films "The Designated Driver" (Paek Seung-hwan, 대리 드라이버), "Let's Get Divorced" (Ha Soo-min, 이혼 합시다), "Ambivalently Yours" (Jung In-hee, 양가성의 법칙), "Sorry" (Ji Il-joo, 미안해), and "The Congressman" (Paek Seung-hwan, "삼선의원"). The short films have made tracks at famous film festivals all over the world and range from romance to musicals to black comedy. These films satire themes such as love, dream, death, relationships and family.