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Korean Movies Opening Today 2019/12/12 in Korea

2019/12/12 Source

Korean movies opening today 2019/12/12 in Korea: "The Snob", "The House", "Film Adventure", "Film Adventure", "Film Adventure", "Wolseong", "Last Scene" and "The Song of the Diaspora: Arirang Road"

"The Snob" (2018)

Directed by Lee Sang-cheol, Shin A-ga

With Yoo Da-in, Shim Hee-sub, Song Jae-rim, Ok Ja-yeon, Yoo Jae-myung, Baek Soo-jang,...

Seon Woo-jeong is an artist who plagiarizes other people's works and lives on them with a plausible expression 'borrowing'. One day, she is offered a special exhibition by a company, and not to lose the chance, she sleeps with the head curator of the art museum. After that, she starts to see the man secretly behind her boyfriend, and one day, So-yeong, who has been friend with for 20 years returns from abroad and stay at Woo-jeong's boyfriend's house. As Woo-jeong, the boyfriend, the curator, and So-yeong are entangled, Woo-jeong's work and love begin to shake at the same time. This movie shows outward appearance and other people's inner feelings. Like the swan, which paddle hard not to sink under a calm surface, the characters in the movie have second thoughts inside, pretending to be elegant and sophisticated outwardly. Woo-jeong might be a rather straightforward person in that respect. She is ready to do anything for her desires. Can you blame her? At least, none of the characters in the movie seem to be capable of doing it. (Nam  Dong-chul)

"The House" (2019)

Directed by Park Gyoon-i

With Oh Chang-seok, Seo Woo, Kim Sa-hee, Oh A-lin, Won Hyun-joon, Baek Su-ryeon,...

Formerly known as "Glass Garden - 2016" (유리정원, yu-ri-jeong-won)
Terrible memories take up the space in a place where all should be happy!
Joon-ee and Bi-roo retreat to a lodge in their hometown to have their first child. However, Joon-ee recalls bad memories from the lodge and suffers from the thoughts of Ji-hee, his first love. Meanwhile, Bi-roo discovers traces of strangers in the lodge and strange things begin to happen to her...
"I think there's someone in the house...!"

"Film Adventure" (2018)

Directed by Lee Sang-deok

With Cho Hyun-chul, Kim A-hyun, Jun Suk-ho, Seo Young-hwa, Lee Tae-kyoung,...

An actor lives happily with his lover and cat but can't shake this feeling that all is not as good as it can be. When he quarrels with his girlfriend and is kicked out of the house, he meets three people in a strange day where memories seem to overlap with the present.

"Right This Moment" (2019)

Directed by Lee Soo-sung

With Lee Won-joon, Song Min-kyeong,...

Jin-ho is a man who was framed, but served 15 years in prison because no one believed him. He goes home, but it's gone and he can't reach his family. Jin-ho is eating at a restaurant when a customer's wallet goes missing, and he's blamed for it. Eun-soo happens to be eating next to him and she stands up for Jin-ho. That's how they first meet.
Aimless and hopeless, Jin-ho follows Eun-soo to the sea. Eun-soo is diagnosed with terminal cancer and she was on her way to the sea, where she went with her family when she was young. They slowly walk to the sea and get to know each other's emotional scars...
Will they find hope at the ocean?

"Wolseong" (2019)

Directed by Kim Sung-hwan-II, Nam Tae-je

People are living right next to the most dangerous pile of nuclear garbage!
Wolseong, a comprehensive set of nuclear power plants, waste treatment plants and treatment management facilities, carries 51%, more than half of the country's, high-level nuclear waste. Hwang Boon-hee, an old woman who suffers from thyroid cancer due to radiation from the nuclear power plant, and other residents are still protesting today, demanding that government authorities come up with measures, but no response has been given. Faced with the fate of having to live in nuclear waste for the electric welfare of 50 million people, Hwang Boon-hee and 618 thyroid cancer patients around the plant start a joint lawsuit against Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP), a nuclear power plant operator, claiming that their thyroid cancer was caused by nuclear radiation. The pain of living next to a nuclear power plant must finally come out to end in this generation, so that our grandchildren won't be victims like us!

"Last Scene" (2018)

Directed by Park Bae-il

Walk down a narrow corridor, and you come across a small theater that has held its place for many years. "Mugeukseong" and "Yukhangnyeon" have been running the theater for 10 years. Their daily routines haven't changed all these years: they welcome audiences, record the lights of the theater, and show films. Mugeukseong spends hours cutting tickets that she designed herself, listening, in vain, for the footsteps of audiences coming down the theater. The empty space is filled with her sigh that she lets out as she looks at the tickets scattered on the desk. The moon rises like an eyebrow hanging in the sky, and the night's audiences begin to fill the theater one by one. The night deepens, and audiences enjoy the night's shows, while chasing away sleep with a game of bingo. As the wind begins to feel warmer, audiences pour out from the theater to greet the new day. Mugeukseong and Yukhangnyeon are left alone in the theater once again, with fatigue showing on their faces. The film takes audiences on a short journey to Kukdo and other small theaters faced with similar fates.

"The Song of the Diaspora: Arirang Road" (2019)

Directed by Lee Gyoo-chul

Narrated by Yang Bang-ean,...

Arirang Road with all the joys and sorrows

Our people lost their homes and their country one morning,
What consoled them, gave them hope and pride was
"Arirang", the song of our people.

Through a song sung by those who have gone beyond the hills
we face the pain and suffering they had to endure.

The far away land, passed down to our people,
what does Arirang look like?

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