Korean Movies Opening Today 2020/05/14 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2020/05/14 in Korea: "The Boy From Nowhere", "King of Prison", "Sixball", "Ditto" (re-release) and "Our Cat"

"The Boy From Nowhere" (2019)

Directed by Choi Chang-hwan-I

With Kwak Min-gyoo, Kim Hyun-mok, Kim Hae-na, Kang Gil-woo, Min Dong-ho-I,...

Second-generation migrant worker, Soo is released after receiving probation and community service sentence for his use of violence. Along with his friend Pil-sung, he ends up working as brokers for illegal migrant workers. While fulfilling his community service duty, he meets surfers. Soo falls in love with surfing as the surfers Ddong-ggo and Hae-na teach him how to surf.

"King of Prison" (2020)

Directed by Kang Tae-ho

With Lee Sol-gu, Yoo Sang-jae, Lee Hyun-woong, Lee Si-hoo, Kang In-sung, Cho Myeong-yeon,...

The king of the prison who rule the wild and despicable!
"I'm sick of losing without fighting!"

Man-hee, imprisoned for being caught up in an accidental violent case, will be admitted to a violent room where the king of prison can be found. On the other hand, with Tae-soo, the opposition leader being admitted to the same prison, a group of people who are unhappy with the king gather one by one, and the gang members face a desperate crisis...

"Sixball" (2020)

Directed by Chae Ki-jun

With Lee Dae-han, Kang Ye-bin, Hong Dal-pyo, Kim Ah-ra-I, Shin Jae-seung, Jin Mo,...

A movie about men and women involved in billiard gambling.

"Ditto" (2000)

Directed by Kim Jeong-kwon

With Kim Ha-neul, Yoo Ji-tae, Park Yong-woo, Ha Ji-won, Kim Min-joo, Shin Chul-jin,...

Original release date: 2000/05/27
On the night of a lunar eclipse, So-eun, a college student from 1979, comes in contact with a stranger through a broken amateur HAM radio. They discover that they are attending the same university, so they decide to meet at school the next day. Both of them show up, but somehow they aren't able to meet. Angry at each other, they contact each other again. Strangely, he claims to live in the year 2000. He doesn't believe that she lives in the year 1979. How could this be? However, they decide to give this rather weird incident a shot and start believing each other. They grow closer, but then a cruel twist of fate changes their lives...

"Our Cat" (2019)

Directed by Lee Hee-seop

Narrated by Lim Soo-jung,...

Born on the street, Lenny was forced to part with her mother by an ignorant human being. Soon after she was abandoned and taken back to the road. Fortunately, she was saved, and lived in temporary shelters til she met her present butler. Lenny's butler and documentary film director, Hee-seop, who was tired of city life, decides to take the camera to tell the story of various cat butlers who are practising "coexistence" in their own ways, different from his own.