Korean Movies Opening Today 2020/07/02 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2020/07/02 in Korea: "A Bedsore", "Si, Nario" and "Bosomy College Girl"

"A Bedsore" (2019)

Directed by Shim HyeJung

With Kim Jong-goo, Kang Ae-shim, Jeon Guk-hyang, Kim Do-young, Kim Jae-rok, Kwon Mi-ah,...

As a festering bedsore on the suffering mother's body opens old family wounds and grievances, Shim HyeJung's strong debut feature makes us also think about the issues around the ethics of care for the elderly and the disabled, and the responsibilities we have as members of families and wider social networks.

"Si, Nario" (2020)

Directed by Kim Dong-won-I

With Shin So-yul, Oh Tae-kyung,...

Kyeong-tae, a film director who writes poems, started backpacking some time ago. Now he really needs to find another job. But what should remain to be desired, and what should be restarted? First, he started to backpack at the playground, in front of her ex-girlfriend's house.

The three-day playground backpacking journey of a film director, who dreams to become a poet.

"Bosomy College Girl" (2020)

Directed by Lee Dong-joon-III

With Tae Hee, Min Ah, Gil Dong, Chul Jin,...

Hyeon-woo loves Seo-yeon for a long time and has been confessing his feelings constantly, but Seo-yeon refuses Hyeon-woo every time. Bo-ram and Min-jae always come together and drink together whenever Hyun-woo is dumped. However, Min-jae hides his relationship with Seo-yeon to Hyeon-woo. Min-jar tells Seo-yeon to stop teasing Hyeon-woo but Seo-yeon just enjoys the situation. Bo-ram who used to like her childhood friend Hyeon-woo, holds a special class to boost his confidence. He has become depressed after being dumped by Seo-yeon. Hyeon-woo is thankful for meeting Seo-yeon because of her. Only after some time did each of them know their real feelings. If you don't get married when you turn 40, marry me! The story of childhood friends to not lose a friend has just begun.

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