Korean Movies Opening Today 2020/08/20 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2020/08/20 in Korea: "An Old Lady", "The Therapist: Fist of Tae-baek", "Moving On", "Days in a Summer" and documentary "East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front"

"An Old Lady" (2019)

Directed by Lim Seon-ae-I

With Ye Soo-jung, Ki Joo-bong, Kim Joon-kyung, Jang Sung-yoon, Sin Hyeon-jong, Kim Joong-ki,...

Hyo-jeong, a 69 years old woman, is hospitalized and raped by a male nursing assistant. She informs Dong-in, her cohabitant, and reports to the police. However, considering her age and the fact that the nursing assistant is in his 20s, the police officer in charge does not take the case seriously. As the nursing assistant even claims that it was a consensual sex, Hyo-jeong and Dong-in become devasted. After a few days, on denial of the arrest warrant. Dong-in makes own plans.

"The Therapist: Fist of Tae-baek" (2020)

Directed by Choi Sang-hoon-II

With Oh Ji-ho, Shin So-yul, Jung Eui-wook, Dong Zhang, Kim Kyeol, Bae Min-jung,...

"The Therapist: Fist of Tae-baek" is an authentic martial arts action piece with comedy that has never been seen in Korean movies. The movie deals with the events that occur when a victor of the traditional Art of Taebaek opens an acupuncture treatment shop.

"Moving On" (2019)

Directed by Yoon Dan-bi-I

With Choi Jung-woon, Yang Heung-joo, Park Hyun-young, Park Seung-joon, Kim Sang-dong, Kim An-na,...

Teenage girl, Ok-joo, her younger brother, and her dad begin to live together in their grandpa's house. Ok-joo's aunt comes to visit from time to time. There, Ok-joo spends one of the most important times of her childhood. Moments of unforgettable love, hurt and partings make their proper marks on Ok-joo's life. The film tells a story of a family and illustrates the house they stay in. Ok-joo's presence is that of an observer during this time, after which she overcomes her loss and takes a leap.

"Days in a Summer" (2019)

Directed by Oh Jung-seuk

With Kim Yu-ra, Kim Rok-kyung, Lee Yeon-geum, Kim Jin-hong-I, Lee Jin-seo-I, Lee Hyun-ji-III,...

Seung-hee returns to her mother's hometown, Geoje Island, after having put an end to life in Seoul. Time had passed, grandma has become weak and feeble, uncle and his lover were trying to sell the house. Seung-hee, feeling uncomfortable, stays in the container where mom's belongings are kept.

"East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front" (2019)

Directed by Kim Mi-rye

I thought about how to live.
I thought about how no Japanese would understand us.
The memory of the assailant locks us in the last cold snap and presses us against our backs.
We, who are living in Japan now, wanted to express our feelings.
Starting with the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries building in Tokyo on August 30, 1974, he was the perpetrator of a series of bombings of Japanese war criminals companies that lasted until 1975.
We are the East Asian Anti-Japanese Armed Front.

Meet the great reflection of Japanese society.

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