Korean Movies Opening Today 2020/10/28 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2020/10/28 in Korea: "Light for the Youth", "Take Me Home - 2020", "The Confessions of May in the Wilderness", "Ju-Sa-Gi - The Story of Drunks", "Deliver Us From Evil" - Final Cut and the re-release of animation "Wonderful Days"


"Light for the Youth" (2019)

Directed by Shin Su-won

With Kim Ho-jung, Yoon Chan-young, Jeong Ha-dam, Choi Joon-young, Kim Seo-ha, Kim Bo-yoon,...

Se-yeon, a branch manager of a call centre under influence of a glass ceiling, encounters a crisis after a 19 year old trainee disappears with a will left at his dorm room. Meanwhile, Mi-rae, her daughter, who has been preparing for a major company recruitment exam while working as an intern, sets off to a overnight stay for the second round of interview, with another study member, Jae-won. After the interview that only left her with frustrations, she decides to quit. Aware of Mi-rae's state of mind, due to Joon's incident, Se-yeon hurts Mi-rae with harsh words. Then one day, strange messages arrive from Joon, and Se-yeon falls into a deep confusion.

"Take Me Home - 2020" (2020)

Directed by Han Jay

With Woo Mi-hwa, Lee Yeon, Kim Bo-min-I, Park Ji-an,...

Same-sex couple Eun-soo and Ye-won are living together happily. One day, a terrible traffic accident occurs and Eun-soo is seriously injured and her sister Eunhae dies. Eun-soo is disabled and Eunhae's daughter Soo-min became an orphan. Now Eun-soo and Ye-won are in a position to take charge of Soo-min. Take Me Home is a film that questions the meaning of a family. Right after the accident, Ye-won says, "Are we not family? How can one abandon a family member because of what happened?" Eun-soo responds, "Family? Who acknowledges us as a family?" The three women live together as Ye-won wished and they hope to be one family. They seem to be living like a happy (similar) family as they spend daily routines and visit the beach. But, like Eun-soo's hopeless respond, the norms of the world prevent them from becoming one family. The true virtue of this film is in the ending. Instead of a happy or sad ending, this film, like Do Jong-hwan's poem Ivy, persistently chooses the road of happiness slowly without rushing even if it takes a detour. [MOON Seok]

"The Confessions of May in the Wilderness" (2020)

Directed by Kim Tae-yeong-II

With Jo Sun-mook, Seo Kab-sook, Kim Young-suk-I, Kim Yoon-tae-I, Yang Jae-man, Jeon Moo-song,...

The movie is a compilation of the movie "Wilderness" in which a member of the airborne unit who killed a girl during the Gwangju Democratization Movement burned himself to death with remorse and "Mr. Kant's Presentation", the story of a man who wanders around as a result of torture after participating as a civilian army.

"Mr. Kant's Presentation"

In May 1980, he joins the civilian army in Gwangju and loses his sister to the martial law army.
Kant, a young man who becomes a wanderer due to aftereffect, gets dragged away by the police on the day the Justice Priests' Foundation announces the truth about the Park Jong-chul Torture Manipulation Case, being forced to reveal his identity...


In May 1980, with memories of Gwangju deeply engraved, Kim Eui-ki (Jo Sun-mook), a soldier who defected from the military, has been running away for six months, agonizing over his weakness in which he cannot perform any act of will. While wandering around, he works at a bar called "25 Hours", in Gunsan's base town of 'Silver Town', where there are countless human armies living against the U.S. military every day.

"Ju-Sa-Gi - The Story of Drunks" (2018)

Directed by Han Jaebin

With Park Sung-beom-I, Yeom Sun-sik, Kim Feel, Soo Bin, Choi Sang-hyun, Park Sang-hoon-V,...

Drunkard No loses all his memory when he is drunk, lost his job and his wife even ran away from home due to his terrible drinking habits. Shocked with the idea of fixing his drinking habits, No invites those who suffer from drinking problems like him to his home.
These six drunkards gather. But then they're having a drinking party again in the name of fixing their bad drinking habits. The next day, he woke up and found out that one of them was murdered. The rest of them are drinking again to find the culprit, and they're caught in a terrible happening

"Deliver Us From Evil" - Final Cut (2019)

Directed by Hong Won-chan

With Hwang Jung-min, Lee Jung-jae, Park Jung-min, Park So-yi, Choi Hee-seo, Park Myung-hoon,...

Started filming: 2019/09/23
Original release date: 2020/08/05
"Deliver Us From Evil" is an action movie about the desperate struggle of a man who is about to lose everything he wants to keep safe from the last contract killing.

"Wonderful Days" (2002)

Directed by Kim Moon-saeng, Park Sunmin

Voiced by Choi Ji-hoon-I, Oh In-sung, Eun Yeong-seon, Tak Won-je, Kim Byung-gwan, Si Yeong-joon,...

Also known as "Sky Blue"
Original release date : 2003/06/17
Life on earth is on the brink of extinction from pollution and other environmental disasters. In order to survive, humans create a city called Ecoban that organically grows on its own, feeding on the earth's pollution. However, only a select few are allowed to live in the shielded city, leaving many to perish in the wilderness. Conflicts arise after some city officials decide to continually pollute the earth so they can enjoy the prestige of living inside of Ecoban. A feature animation encompassing state-of-the-art 3D and 2D animation.