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Korean Movies Opening Today 2020/11/19 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2020/11/19 in Korea: "Special Agent", "The Carthusian Cloistered Monastery", "The Precious Memory of Gogo Brothers" and re-releases "Aachi And Ssipak" and "Montmartre de Papa"


"Special Agent" (2020)

Directed by Shin Jae-myung

With Lee Jae-yoon, Gong Jung-hwan, Kim Kang-il, Moon Sung-bok, Jung Chang-hyun, Jung Sung-ho-I,...

Eliminate the North Korean hidden VIPs!
Won-cheol of the National Intelligence Service of the Republic of Korea is offered a mission.
Eliminating VIPs who participated in the operation to develop weapons of mass destruction in North Korea.
Won-cheol is forced to accept the mission while thinking of her daughter 'Ah-reum' who is in danger...
The secret operation of South and North Korean special agents begin!

"The Carthusian Cloistered Monastery" (2020)

Directed by Kim Dong-il-I

15 years after "The Great Silence", which was dazzlingly beautiful, and another mystery came to our tired lives. "The world changes, but the cross stands tall".

The mysterious Carthusian Cloistered Monastery, first known to the world in 1,000 years by the movie "The Great Silence". In 2005, when the movie was released, the only carthusio blockade monastery in Asia was established in Sangju, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. Fifteen years after that, the lives of 11 Carthusian detectives with diverse nationalities, including South Korea, France, Germany and Spain, will be unveiled for the first time. The daily life of investigators living a life of silence, solitude, and poverty along the strict Carthusian Charter in beautiful spring, summer, autumn and winter scenery! 

What do those who look only at the cross in a solitary room farthest from the world live for? The simple and great life of the Carthusian monks and holy prayer for the world come to us, tired of anxiety!

"The Precious Memory of Gogo Brothers" (2020)

Directed by Song Jung-yool, Song Yo-han

Voiced by Park Ji-yoon-I, Oh In-sil, Yoo Hae-moo, Son Jeong-ah, Park Yeong-jae, Oh Soo-kyeong,...

When movie tickets were 10 won and a cow was 50,000 won, the ordinary and special daily lives of the naughty Ki-yeong and Ki-cheol brothers are unfolded.

"Aachi And Ssipak" (2006)

Directed by Jo Beom-jin

Voiced by Ryoo Seung-bum, Im Chang-jung, Hyun Young, Sin Hae-cheol, Seo Hye-jeong, Lee Gyu-hwa,...

Original release date : 2006/06/28


In Shit City, where human excrement is the only source of energy, every human being is born with an ID chip inserted in their body. The amount and quality of product is checked everyday and the government gives popsicles for people¡¯s excrement causing people to become addicted. However, the Vojegi gang runs amok in a heinous search for extra popsicles to satisfy their addiction.

"Montmartre de Papa" (2019)

Directed by Min Byeong-woo

Narrated by Min Byeong-woo,...

Original release date : 2020/01/09
With father's retirement so close, I asked him an obvious question. "What are you going to do after you retire father?" He said, "I have plans that I won't speak of yet. I am all set". Then I wondered what he was going to do, and decided to make a documentary tracking him down. That's how the movie started.
My father was an art teacher at a middle school and he had a lifelong dream; to go to Montmartre Hill and draw. I put him on a flight to Paris for the first time in his life. My heart felt warm, yet at the same time I wondered if he was going to be able to sell pictures. However, my father said, "You can't try to sell your pictures. Someone who likes my pictures will eventually show up".
Will there be someone who likes his pictures?
Will my father be able to bring out his passion once again?
The second chapter of the life of the head of the house begins on Montmartre Hill, Paris.

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