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Korean Movies Opening Today 2020/11/26 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2020/11/26 in Korea: "The Education" and the re-releases of "Again", "Last Blues, Last Dance" and "Lucky Chan-sil"


"The Education" (2019)

Directed by Kim Duk-joong

With Moon Hye-in, Kim Joon-hyung-III, Song Young-sook, Shin Sun-hae, Hong Ji-suk, Kwon Ki-ha,...

The plot of "The Education" is simply summed up. Seong-hee, who is taking care of the disabled, visits the Hyeon-mok's house. Hyeon-mok's mother is a severely disabled person who cannot move and is unconscious. Seong-hee and Hyeon-mok get to know each other little by little. But this simple summary of the plot is full of fascinating emotions that cannot be explained in "The Education". That makes this movie interesting. The repercussions of small talks the characters spit out or small movements are amazing. The early part of the war of nerves between Seong-hee and Hyeon-mok, the friendship or affection that builds up thanks to the war of nerves, their languid, somber, and sad picnic of a day, and the funny and affectionate last sequence that comes like lightning. "The Education" is both delicate and seductive. (JUNG Han-Seok)

"Again" (2019)

Directed by Jo Chang-yeol

With Kim Ye-eun, Ye Soo-jung, Kim Soy, Kim Hong-pyo, Ahn Yein, Lee You,...

Original release date: 2020/07/30

Women who burned their passion for arts in the midst of trials, sing that deep bond and unyielding hope!

Yeon-joo who is only a 10-year old assistant director, is a heroine who aspires to be a director. After experiencing frustration, she went to her hometown, Jeonju, and by chance, she finds out that her aunt's grandmother was the last gisaeng. And, impressed by her life and passionate soul for art, she walks back towards the dream...

"Last Blues, Last Dance" (2019)

Directed by Park Chur-woong

With Ban Min-jung, Lee Ji-hyun-III, Hyun Suk, Lee Jong-gook, Choi Yong-jin, Lee Kyung-min,...

Original release date: 2020/04/23

Dr. Kang Soo-yeon, a psychiatrist, works in a hospice ward where patients are about to die.

One day, while taking care of Cheol-goo, a 47 year-old terminal liver cancer patient with his son Ki-hyun who takes care of him, a former pastor Min Doo-hong who fears loneliness more than death, and 18 year-old girl, Ji-in, with skin cancer, Dr. Kang sneaked out with Ji-in out of the hospital as she cries out, fearing death.

Under the city's colorful neon lights, the two are drenched in exhilarating delights and roams through the streets at night...

"Lucky Chan-sil" (2019)

Directed by Kim Cho-hee

With Kang Mal-geum, Youn Yuh-jung, Kim Young-min, Yoon Seung-ah, Bae Yoo-ram, Seo Sang-won-I,...

Original release date: 2020/03/05

I gave my life to film and now the only thing left is my screwed life!
After a sudden death of the director she worked with for a long time, a film producer Chan-sil is now unemployed. Jobless and moneyless, she begins to work as a cleaning lady at an actress' place. By chance, she meets a young man who teaches French to the actress. Chan-sil is strongly attracted to him while her old anxieties begin to emerge; her already-gone-youth, screwed love, and broken career...

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