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Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/03/04 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/03/04 in Korea: "Night Light - 2018", "Don't Go Too Far", "Inssa", "UFO Sketch" and
"Massage Room: Three Young Woman's Service"


"Night Light - 2018" (2018)

Directed by Kim Mooyoung

With Song Jae-ryong, Ji Dae-han-I, Jung Ah-mi, Kang Young-gu,...

Hee-tae, who only has a short period left to live, receives a letter from his ex-wife. While it is not certain what the letter is about, it shifts his life in a different direction. After the scene transitions, Hee-tae is spending a brief time in the mountains with his son, who doesn't know his father. They are different but come to understand and look like each other through the time they share. Within the flow of time, mountains and winds, and through nature, this film presents wisdom on how to embrace life, yourself, us and fate. (MAENG Soo-jin)

"Don't Go Too Far" (2018)

Directed by Park Hyun-yong

With Son Byung-ho, Son Jin-hwan, Park Myung-shin, Lee Kyung-sung, Choi Jae-sup, Yoon Eun-byul,...

Three sons and one daughter gather at the eldest son's house at their father's deathbed. They need to divide up their father′s legacy of 2 billion won. In the presence of a public notary, the father leaves half of the inheritance to his eldest son and the other half to be shared by the rest of the children. The first son is disappointed that he only got half while the others complain about their small inheritance. In the midst of this escalating sibling dispute, the first son receives a phone call from someone claiming to have kidnapped his son! The kidnapper threatens to kill the boy if he doesn′t pay 2 billion won. To save his only son, the first son starts demanding his siblings hand over their share of father′s two billion won to the kidnapper. The film is rich in ideas that will draw the audience in. As the inheritance gets tangled up with the kidnapping, the situation goes from bad to worse. Each character is affected, unleashing more of their personality, as events race towards an unexpected conclusion. (Nam Dong-chul)

"Inssa" (2020)

Directed by Lee Soo-sung

With Donghyun, Song Min-kyung, Oh Gwang-rok, Kim Sung-soo, Seo Young,...

"Won-pyo is an eternal teacher in my heart"

Tae-soo, a kung fu fan who lives on a remote island with his grandfather Kim Yeong-gam, will come to Seoul along with his uncle Ik-seong who suddenly came.

Tae-soo, who had a happy life in school, making friends for the first time in his life had to deal with the school bully Min-hyeok through kung fu.

Becoming an insider overnight?! 
Unpredictable! Unprecedented Kung Fu Comic Action is coming!

"UFO Sketch" (2020)

Directed by Kim Jean-wook

Scientist Maeng Sungryul is the one and only UFO expert in Korea, but he has yet to see a UFO in person. After more than 30 years of researching UFOs, he sets out to confirm their existence from the perspective of an eyewitness. Will he succeed? The journey of Maeng and those who encountered UFOs in the film considers how we recognize and understand "others".

"Massage Room: Three Young Woman's Service" (2020)

Directed by Ahn Hye-young

With Lee Soo, Han Se-hee-I, Mi Na, Si Woo, Jung In, Cha Myung-hoon,...

One day, Na-na's regular customer, Cheol-woo came to the massage room. Cheol-woo, after taking Viagra, is not satisfied with Na-na alone, and begins a special service with Bo-mi and Mi-na inside the room.

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