Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/03/18 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/03/18 in Korea: "A Distant Place", "FIGHTER" and "Asurado"

"A Distant Place" (2020)

Directed by Park Kun-young

With Kang Gil-woo, Hong Kyung, Lee Sang-hee, Ki Joo-bong, Ki Do-young, Choi Geum-soon,...

Jinwoo, who resides on a sheep ranch in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do, lives a quiet life with his daughter Seol. Ranch owner Joongman and his daughter Moonkyeong treat them as family. Soon after, Jinwoo's male friend Hyunmin arrives at the ranch, and reveals that the two have been long-time lovers. They dream of living happily with Seol in this peaceful place. However, with Jinwoo's twin sister Eunyoung's visit, the conflict begins. In fact, Seol is Eunyoung's daughter but Jinwoo has been raising her because Eunyoung disappeared. Like the close-up scene of the sheep wool in the beginning, A Far Place is a story that is not noticed from afar but revealed when looked closely. The local folks, who seemed friendly and gentle, show their true colors, and become exclusive and discriminatory as they learn about the truth of the two men. Even the intentions of family members, who thought they knew each other well, feel like 'a far place'. Like Jinwoo's mind, the beautiful autumn landscape of Gangwon-do turns into harsh winter, but the film believes there is still a ray of hope.
22nd Jeonju International Film Festival

"FIGHTER" (2020)

Directed by Jero Yun

With Lim Sung-mi, Baek Seo-bin, Oh Kwang-rok, Lee Seung-yeon-I,...

I'm throwing my hat in the ring called life.

After a few months of social adjustment training, the North Korean refugee Ji-na moves to a small studio in Seoul and starts her new life. To bring her father to South Korea, she needs money but no matter how hard she works, the discrimination doesn't let her save enough money. One day the broker introduces her to a boxing gym cleaning job. Seeing young and confident female boxers, Ji-na feels something burning inside...

"Asurado" (2021)

Directed by Yoon Yeo-chang

With Lee Sol-gu, Jang Gwang, Lee Won-jong, Lee Dal-hyung, Jung Mi-nam, Hwang In-mu,...

The third prison of death, where only vicious criminals who do not have a sense of law or common sense are being kept. A new era of power opens when Lee Tae-sik, the nation's former boss entered the office.

Soon, the new warden, Jo Pyeong-ho, ends the evil without blood or tears, and begins to imprison the prisoners terribly, including Lee Tae-sik.
The war of the real wicked people in "Asurado" begins!