Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/04/30 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/04/30 in Korea:"Lotto Share" and "Pretty Housekeeper 2: Kind Lady"


"Lotto Share" (2020)

Directed by So Jae-ick

With Yoo Byung-yong, Myung Jin-hyun, Choi Dae-hoon-I, Kim Bun-young, Choi Si-hyoung, Kim Seo-ji,...

Six friends from one neighborhood and elementary school, leave for an MT at a cabin. The fee includes food and change of 4,000 won into a Lotto and divide it to them. Upon arriving at the cabin, the group spends a good time drinking with Tommy, who had been there before. And then, a couple of lawyers who went hunting in the mountains join them.
As the night went on, the Lotto they bought won the first prize, and by the time they were in a celebratory mood, Hye-jin, the general manager lost her footing in the valley and disappeared. After Tommy was killed in a mysterious way, the inside of the cabin was filled with fear. The mountaineer, who used to have a friendly smile, was actually a rapist and escaped prisoner, a dangerous person who was hiding here after killing a real mountaineer. Ye-rin, an alumnus who joined later, joins forces with her classmates who came first to face him in a situation where he is pressed for money due to embezzlement of public funds, but the death of his friend is continuous, and the whereabouts of the lotto is also unknown. It turns out that lawyers also participate in the battle to secure Lotto with jewelry robbers and hunting guns they have, and the mountain cabin is colored with the shadow of greed and threatens each other's lives until one person remains to own 7.3 billion won. With 7.3 billion won appearing without a master before one's eyes in an isolated mountain cabin, it shows the audience the end of greed shown by humans and the slowly changing psychology of complex human nature.

"Pretty Housekeeper 2: Kind Lady" (2021)

Directed by Richard Kim

With Sae Bom-I, Joo Ah-I, Min Do-yoon, Gil Dong, Lim Jung-soo,...

Ji-hee, who has a husband named Nam-soo, the company's CEO is spending her second year of marriage with a usually modest appearance. Nam-soo wants a child, but Ji-hee confirms that she is infertile. When Nam-soo finds out about this, he had an affair with Mi-yeong, a subordinate, and he decides to divorce her.