Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/06/03 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/06/03 in Korea: "Not Out", "The Gossip", "The Eve" and documentaries "Tiptoeing" and "Forget Me Not - A Letter to My Mother"


"Not Out" (2021)

Directed by Lee Jung-gon

With Jung Jae-gwang, Jung Seung-gil, Kim Hee-chang, Lee Kyu-sung, Song Yi-jae, Kim Woo-kyum,...

A story about Gwang-ho, a baseball prospect in high school who was eliminated from the professional baseball draft which pushed him to make dangerous choices to continue playing.

"The Gossip" (2020)

Directed by Hwang Seung-jae

With Kim Kang-hyun, Kang Chan-hee, Kim So-ra, Jo Jae-yun, Jang Gwang, Jang Young,...

Started filming: 2020/11
"Would you listen to me?"

'Jeong-seok', a public official who started a big-gaining part-time VVIP care service that costs a whopping 2 million won a week, visits a mansion in a deserted mountainous village.

'I-ppal', a senior part-timer who has the greatest idea ever, is constantly talking about it as soon as he meets him, and in the meantime, a legendary girl named 'Se-na' appears in front of him.

The B-class war of the crazy people begins!

"The Eve" (2021)

Directed by Kim Sang-min

With Seo Han-gyeol, Hong Ah-reum, Park Yun, Kim Jung-woon, Park Sun-im, Ji Hye-in,...

No one involved in this matter is forgiven!

Jeong-woo, who grew up with Han-na under their adoptive mother, goes abroad to contribute to a difficult family environment.

However, after hearing the news of the death of his adoptive mother in a hit-and-run traffic accident, he returns to Korea, and found out that Cheol-jin, a member of the local organization Taechangpa, and former classmate of Han-na was involved.

Meanwhile, Taechangpa joined hands with the Japanese yakuza organization to expand its power. They kidnapped Han-na to catch Jeong-woo, who was tightening them up. This makes Jeong-woo even angrier.

The anger of a man who lost everything explodes!

"Tiptoeing" (2019)

Directed by Kwon Woo-jeong

Narrated by Kwon Woo-jeong,...

Agricultural documentarist Kwon has documented her daughter's growth in Tiptoeing. Her eight-year-old girl was born premature and diagnosed with possibility of cerebral palsy. She still walks on tiptoe. The director has inner conflicts in a mother's position. Her daughter feels uncomfortable with her mom, because she pushes her not to tiptoe. Kwon's husband pushes her not to film their disabled daughter. Tiptoeing is a very honest and introspective documentary, dealing with solidarity and empathy between parents and children. KIM Youngjin

20th Jeonju International Film Festival

"Forget Me Not - A Letter to My Mother" (2019)

Directed by Sun Hee Engelstoft

Narrated by Sun Hee Engelstoft,...

The director, a Korean adoptee, comes to Korea as an adult in search of her biological mother. It seems time and effort eventually pay off when she meets her mother, but the harsh truth is revealed: her existence is a secret. Instead of asking why she had to be sent away, the director visits Aesuhwon Sister's Heights, a care facility in Jeju Island for single mothers. Here, she meets three teen mothers who choose to keep their children for various reasons and come into Aesuhwon Sister's Heights' care. The film shows no sign of intervention and simply remains with them through their decision-making processes. At this point, the film comes to the grim realization that as underaged teen mothers they do not have the right to take care of their babies after giving birth to them, even if they wanted to. In Korean society, the value of saving face in order to preserve family dignity from outside judgement acts as the main arbiter of whether or not these babies are kept. This is why they wear masks, nay, must cover their faces in the film. The film silently captures those mothers and children whose faces can neither be shown nor publicized, the blunt undertaking of children being kept secret from their own mothers. The film acts as a listener, a companion, and a guardian for the single mothers, almost as if the director herself slipped into the role of her young mother. Though the truth behind this situation is easily understood, it is still painful to know that nothing can be done to change the past. LEE Seungmin

Diaspora Film Festival 8