Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/06/23 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/06/23 in Korea: "HARD HIT" and "Made in Rooftop"


"HARD HIT" (2021)

Directed by Kim Chang-joo

With Jo Woo-jin, Lee Jae-in, Jin Kyung, Kim Ji-ho, Ji Chang-wook,...

Formerly known as "Black Coal" (블랙콜, beul-laek-kol) and Punishment (응징, eung-jing)
On the way to work, a phone call displayed a mysterious number,
"There's a bomb under your chair right now".

Seong-gyoo, the head of the bank center, took the children to his car on his normal way to work. He receives a call from a restricted phon number. There's a mysterious voice over the phone letting him know there is a bomb in the car. He was warned that if he doesn't get out of his seat, a bomb will explode.

Seong-gyoo, who declared the mysterious phone call as voice phishing, soon witnessed his colleague's car exploding in the same way in front of his eyes, and became a suspect of terrorism in downtown Busan and was chased by police.

At the moment of desperation when the bomb explodes if he gets off, the policeare in a chase, and they are in a situation where they cannot even hang up the phone call with the mysterious caller...

"Made in Rooftop" (2020)

Directed by Kim-Jho Gwang-soo

With Lee Hong-nae, Jung Hwi, Kwak Min-gyoo, Kang Jung-woo, Yeum Moon-keung, Lee Jung-eun,...

"I'm going to be cool from now!"
Ha-neul, a failure push-and-pull job seeker was thrown out of the house with just one carrier 30 minutes after giving a fake breakup notice to his boyfriend, Jeong-min, who had been struggling and roasted for three years.

On the first day of separation, he was playing hard to get with his ex-lover in the rooftop room of his friend Bong-shik who just broke up...
 "Everything I do is hip!"
With the money earned from doing BJ, he decorated the rooftop room smaller than a studio with a luxury shop. Bong-shik is a free-spirited hipster who lives like there's no tomorrow with the goal of dying before 40.
Day 1 of fling, he vowed again that he don't need a relationship, but he keeps on seeing someone who is aggressive...
The high tension summer romance of cool and hip youth begins!