Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/06/30 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/06/30 in Korea: "Everglow", "Midnight", "Zombie Crush in Heyri", "The Grotesque Mansion", "Stranger Than The Beyond", "Nineteen" and "Us, Day by Day"


"Everglow" (2020)

Directed by So Joon-moon

With Go Doo-shim, Ji Hyun-woo, Yang Jeong-won, Jeon Hye-jin, Kim Joong-ki-I,...

Starts filming: 2020/06
"Everglow" is about Jeju's greatest female diver Jin-ok and a documentary producer Kyeong-hoon who comes from Seoul to film her.

"Midnight" (2020)

Directed by Kwon Oh-seung

With Jin Ki-joo, Wi Ha-joon, Park Hoon, Gil Hae-yeon, Kim Hye-yoon, Kang In-seo,...

A life-threatening hide-and-seek between a psychopathic killer and a deaf woman

Kyeong-mi, a girl with hearing impairment lives with her mother. Working at the customer call center, one day she storms out of an unpleasant dinner with the client and drives home after she picks up her mother. Meanwhile, the murderer Do-sik spots Kyeong-mi's mother waiting for her daughter who went to park her car but changes his target when another girl So-jung passes him by talking on the phone. So-jung gets stabbed by Do-sik in the back alley and is found by Kyeong-mi, who ends up becoming Do-sik's new prey.

"Zombie Crush in Heyri" (2020)

Directed by Jang Hyeon-sang, Kim Joon-sik

With Gong Min-jung, Lee Min-ji, Park Sojin, Jo Seung-gu, Kim Joon-sik, Park Myung-shin-I,...

The three women friends struggle to protect a village from the turmoil caused by the sudden appearance of zombies. In the peaceful Heyri Art Village in Paju, three friends: Jin-seon, Hyeon-ah and Ga-yeon, meet at the opening of the Heyri Art Center and, with a beginner Youtuber and a coffee factory CEO, face the zombie crisis.

"The Grotesque Mansion" (2021)

Directed by Jo Bareun

With Sung Joon, Kim Hong-pa, Kim Bo-ra, Lee Chang-hoon-I, Park Sojin, Kim Jae-hwa,...

Horror webtoon writer Ji-woo arrives at a shabby apartment called Grotesque Mansion in search of ideas. The middle-aged caretaker with an expressionless facial expression unravels a bundle of strange events that happened in the apartment, and rooms 504, 708... The more Ji-woo hears the story, the more he becomes obsessed with the Grotesque Mansion.

Mysterious Mansion! Five episodes! A bizarre and eerie reality horror is coming!

"Stranger Than The Beyond" (2020)

Directed by Yeo Kyun-dong

With Yeo Kyun-dong, Joo Min-jin,...

"If death is like this, then death isn't so bad after all"

Min-woo, a film director is in a coma due to an accident. He strangely wanders like a ghost on a desolate embankment road around the new town where he was trying to film.
This place, which may be just his thought or consciousness, was paradoxically a paradise for him, who lived a busy and noisy life. Then one day, he met a man who doesn't remember anything and believes he's dead. Min-woo, who was talking about the fate of those who wanted to make stories of movies and stories, sympathizes with the fate of the dying man at a young age and the two get closer and closer. Min-woo tries to escape with him thinking he might be dead, but he's already getting used to the place and finding peace of mind...

Life and death exist and disappear in an empty place, similar to the afterlife, strange to say that it is not another world, and only a 'story' remains.

"Nineteen" (2021)

Directed by Woo Gyenghee

With Son Young-joo, Jung Tae-sung-II,...

That summer, there was a secret.
So-jeong's monstrous father left home, and that day when her 19-year-old self thought she wanted her mom to disappear, she confronted her dead mother, coughing up blood. Hiding her mother's body in a bathtub, So-jeong escapes to music and begins to stand alone in danger...

"Us, Day by Day" (2019)

Directed by Kangyu Ga-ram

Those feminists of the time, how are you all doing?

Feminism has been the top issue in Korean society in the recent years. Books on feminism have been selling like hot cakes, and the '#me too' campaigns have also been active, accusing sexual violence in various fields, including the art world. At the same time, a strong backlash has developed against feminism. What is it about being a feminist, when the hatred for feminists has become stronger, and the discourse on feminism has become more intense than ever? I wanted to find the answer to the question. I decided to visit the so-called 'young feminist' friends who had been active from the late 1990s to the early and mid-2000s. I hoped to see, through their responses to questions that may not facilitate clear cut answers, their daily lives and thoughts, what it meant to live as a feminist, how the feminist orientation could bring about positive changes in the Korean society. I had also hoped to record a certain phase of history of the Korean Women's Movement.

Kangyu Ga-ram