Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/07/22 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/07/22 in Korea: "Crazy Party" and "Short Bus: Say Goodbye"


"Crazy Party" (2021)

Directed by Kang Jung-soo, Kim Kyung-jae, Kim Myo-wook, Son Da-gyeom

With Ryu Hye-rin, No Jin-won, Ahn Min-young,...

A great uprising is coming to chew on your boring, miserable life!
Udangtangtang X Messy catastrophic show that will make people happy

"What A Waste" (뻘짓, ppeol-jit)
Seung-min lives like a scoundrel while being the king of the night. The biggest obstacle in his life is enlistment. Hee-seong and Jeong-min presented the path to military exemption to the sad Seung-min with a very healthy body that has nothing to do with the military exemption.

"A Man Going to the Military" (군대가는 남자, gun-dae-ga-neun nam-ja) by Kang Jung-soo
Chang-seon, who was scheduled to go to a special military service company instead of the military, is in a situation where he will be taken to the military due to a sudden change in the law. He was looking for information on the Internet, and found a cafe called 'Group of People Who Don't Want to Go to the Military'.

"Same Bed, Different Dreams" (동상이몽, dong-sang-i-mong) by Son Da-gyeom
Mal-ja whose husband dies in an accident and lives alone with her mother-in-law, tries to kill her mother-in-law by conspiring with her husband Ha-nam for the purpose of inheritance, but fails every time. Then one day, when COVID-19 broke out, Mal-ja was planning the death of her mother-in-law with her last hope.

"3am Renaissance" (새벽 3시 르네상스, sae-byeok 3-si reu-ne-sang-seu)
One fine autumn Sunday midnight at 3 a.m, various people start to gather at convenience stores that fill up the lack of alcohol and emotions. Is this Utopia?

"Short Bus: Say Goodbye" (2021)

Directed by Kim Hong-ki, Kim Se-hee-II, Won Eun-sun, Yoo Hyun-II

With Gong Yoo-rim, Yoo Min-suk, Lee Sol-ip, Yun Hyun-kyung, Park Jong-hyun, Kim Jae-hwa,...

"Hot Goodbye" (뜨거운 안녕., tteu-geo-un an-nyeong) (12m) by Yoo Hyun-II
Jin-ah is breaking up with her boyfriend, Kyeong-nam, who she's been with for four years. Unable to understand the reason for the breakup, Jin-ah is reminded by her junior Joo-hyeon.

"Unprofessional" (언프로페셔널, eon-peu-ro-pe-syeo-neol) (11m) by Kim Se-hee-II
Hye-seung, vocalist of the six-year indie band Wanderlust is about to snap on stage ahead of their last song.

"DESEX" (중성화, jung-seong-hwa) (25m) by Kim Hong-ki
Soo, along with her boyfriend came to neuter their cat. At this point, they are going to end their boring relationship. Coincidentally, the veterinarian is her boyfriend's ex. In the midst of discomfort, the cat under surgery faced its end, failing to wake up from anesthesia.

"She Is" (그녀는요, geu-nyeo-neun-yo) (17m) by Won Eun-sun
Actress Hwang Mi-yeong haven't had a blind date in a long time, and the man he met seems uninterested. Will her blind dating journey end successfully?