Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/10/14 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/10/14 in Korea: "Ten Months", "She's Different", "Her Family Has No Problem", "The Man with High Hopes" and "TADA: A Portrait of Korean Startups"


"Ten Months" (2020)

Directed by Namkoong Sun

With Choi Sung-eun, Bek Hyunjin, Seo Young-joo, Yoo I-deun, Kwon Ah-reum, Son Sung-chan,...

An unexpected pregnancy turns a young woman's life upside down.

"She's Different" (2021)

Directed by Kim Jin-young

With Hyuk, Jang Sung-yoon, Choi Jae-hwan, Chanmi, Park Kyung-soon, Kim Eung-soo,...

In a perfect, unblemished life, a 'confidential secret' arose.

Wan-joon, a perfect guy is about to marry his girlfriend Ji-yeon. He was asked by his senior who is a troublemaker to keep a very confidential secret that even Ji-yeon shouldn't know. One day, Wan-joon was caught by his colleague Ye-ri who has a crush on him, and they both got stuck in an unexpected contract.

Suddenly, life got in a twist!
Will they be able to get married?

"Her Family Has No Problem" (2018)

Directed by Kim Hun

With Jo Joo-kyung, Nam Tae-woo, Han Seung-woo, Kim Mo-beom, Go Yeon-ah, Min Jae-kyung,...

Kyong-suk's family has no a peaceful day: mother-in-law uncomfortable with aging, husband never contributing to the family economy, uncle who only cares about getting money out of the family, son who tried to commit suicide without adapting to military life, at last daughter of the middle school girl who rebelled against everything. There is none to help her at home. She stays in a hard routine, relying on her faith. Nonetheless, "Her Family Has No Problem" does not worry about the family that is in danger of collapsing. It does not insist on the recovery of the threatened family system. Though all of the family members are disrespectful and close to a burden that cannot be handled for Kyong-suk, there is an invisible force that keep the family from being broken up. Harmonious ensemble of the actors realistically portrays the invisible force. [JANG Byungwon]

19th Jeonju International Film Festival 2018 - Korea Cinemascape

"The Man with High Hopes" (2021)

Directed by Min Hwan-ki

The first full-length documentary highlighting the life and philosophies of the politician Roh Hoe-chan, who dreamed of an equal and fair country.

"TADA: A Portrait of Korean Startups" (2021)

Directed by Kwon Myung-gook

The story of a 6-month struggle after the suspension of Tada, "We must survive somehow!"

Tada, a mobile riding platform which has been called the Uber of Korea has been growing exponentially. It was on a roll with its first 1 million users within nine months of its release, but was embroiled in a legal battle due to the opposition from the taxi industry.

Amid heated controversy on the day of the poorly executed first trial with a 'not guilty' judgment, all team members gather together to celebrate with a "paper cup wine party". But just 14 days after, the Anti-Tada law has been passed. Will they be able to revive Tada through this worst crisis?
Korea's first documentary film about a start-up will be released through the story of the mobile platform Tada.